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What is Grab & Go?
Where are the Grab & Go Locker locations?
Can I send anything to a Grab & Go locker?
How do I pick up my order?
What if the locker won’t open?

What is Grab & Go?

Grab & Go allows you to place an order on Walmart.ca and pick it up at any location equipped with Grab & Go lockers. These lockers are currently located inside select Walmart stores across the Toronto region, with plans to expand the program across Canada.

Where are the Grab & Go Locker locations?


1051 Garner Road West, L9G 3K9


135 First Commerce Dr, L4G 0G2


 9455 Mississauga Rd, L6X 0Z8

Brampton (E)

30 Coventry Rd, L6T 5P9

 Brampton (S)

15 Resolution Dr, L6W 0A6 


 4515 Dundas St, L7M 5B4

 Burlington (S)

 2065 Fairview St, L7R 0B4

County Fair

499 Mohawk Rd. E., L8V 4L7


 300 Guelph St, L7G 4B2


 1115 Barton Street E., L8H 2V2

Hamilton (SE)

 2190 Rymal Rd. E, L0R 1P0


350 Government Road E, P5N 2X7


 5000 Highway #7 Unit Y006A, L3R 4M9

Markham (E) 

 500 Copper Creek Drive, L6B 0S1


1280 Steeles Ave. E, L9T 6R1 


100 City Centre Drive, L5B 2G7 

  Mississauga (E)

855 Matheson Blvd. W, L5V 2N6 

Mississauga (E) 

  1500 Dundas St. E, L4X 1L4

Mississauga (Walmart Home Office)

  1940 Argentia Rd, L5N 1P9

North York 

 1305 Lawrence Ave. W, M6L 1A5


 234 Hays Blvd, L6H 6M4

Oshawa (N) 

1471 Harmony Rd. N, L1H 7K5 


680 Laval Drive, L1J 0B5 

 Oshawa (Kingsway)

1300 King St. E, L1H 8J4 

 Richmond Hill

1070 Major Mackenzie Drive E. Unit A, L4S 1P3 

Richmond Hill (S) 

255 Silver Linden Dr, L4B 4V5 


1900 Eglinton Ave. E, M1L 2L9 

Scarborough (E)

799 Milner Ave, M1B 3C3 

Scarborough (NE)

 5995 Steeles Ave. E, M1V 5P7

Scarborough (S)

 3132 Eglinton Ave. E, M1J 2H1

Scarborough (SE)

 3487 Lawrence Ave. E, M1H 1B2


 300 Borough Dr, M1P 4P5

 Stoney Creek

 510 Centennial Parkway North, L8E 0G2


 1050 Hoover Park Dr, L4A 0K2

Toronto (Agincourt)

 3850 Sheppard Ave. E. Suite 360, M1T 3L3

 Toronto (Downsview)

 3757 Keele St, M3J 1N4

Toronto (Downtown E) 

1000 Gerard St. E, M4M 3G6 

 Toronto (Dufferin Mall)

900 Dufferin St, M6H 4A9 

 Toronto (Sheridan)

 2202 Jane St, M3M 1A4

 Toronto (Stockyards)

 2525 St. Clair Ave. W, M6N 4Z5


  101 Edgeley Blvd, L4K 4Z4

Vaughan (NW)

3600 Major Mackenzie Dr, L6A 1S1 


1900 Major Mackenzie Dr, L6A 4R9 


 90 Dundas Street East, L0R 2H2


 4100 Baldwin St. South, L1R 3H8

Can I send anything to a Grab & Go locker?

Not quite. Because it’s a locker, there are size restrictions. To fit in the locker, the item must:
• Weigh less than 66 lbs
• Not exceed the maximum height of 17”

Don’t worry, we’ll figure out the weight and size for you. Also, some of the items we sell come from a third party vendor and can’t be shipped to a Grab & Go locker. Again, we’ll figure this out for you before you reach the checkout.

As long as your order meets these conditions, during checkout we’ll show you the Grab & Go locker locations nearest to your address, and you can choose whichever is most convenient for you.

How do I pick up my order?

When your order is ready to be picked up, we’ll send you an email confirmation and a 6-digit code to access your designated Grab & Go locker. If you do not see an email with your PIN, in could be hiding in your junk mail folder (look for an email from “Walmart Canada Lockers”). Be sure to have this code handy when you go to pick up your order. When the code is entered at the locker, the compartment containing your parcel will open, and you can grab your order and go. Easy!

You will have seven days to pick up your order, and you will receive an email reminder each day. If you do not pick up your order after the seventh day, your order will be returned to Walmart.ca.

What if the locker won’t open?

Your locker should always open, but if it doesn’t, our Grab & Go lockers have direct phone support from our Customer Service Team and from dedicated Grab & Go locker customer service (Bybox).


Learn about shipping options at walmart.ca



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