Walmart was founded on a basic commitment to save you money so you can live better.

Will Walmart match competitor prices?

We will gladly Ad Match with proof of the current in-store retail price of any local competitor’s ad (printed or digital) for an identical item provided that the item is in stock.  Not applicable to used or refurbished items, clearance sales, combination promotions (e.g., gift with purchase), double or triple coupons, after-sale rebate offers, preferred customer discounts or random discounts (e.g., scratch and save events) offered by other retailers, or to competitor misprints or withdrawn or corrected advertisements.  We reserve the right to limit quantities.  Our “local competitors” and ‘identical items’ are determined by us.   Walmart’s Ad Match program may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice.

If the price of a product drops after I buy it, can I get a refund for the difference?

Within 30 days (with receipt), if a customer has purchased an item from any Walmart store that is now offered at a lower Walmart price, the store will refund the difference of the price for the customer. Important: the refund excludes items that are on Clearance.

What is the “Price per unit” (located below the price)?

Great question! The price per unit (for example: 35¢/EA or 3¢/GR) is an estimated value of each unit or measure in the product sold. One “each” can mean a sheet, load, diaper, pod, and so forth, depending on the item itself. In some cases, the unit is a mass or volume measure such as “g” or “ml”.

The price per unit is intended to help you compare the value of similar products. For example, compare one large box of diapers to a medium one to see which box has the better value per diaper. Note the price per unit is not the price of the item itself and the units are not sold separately.

What tax rate will I be charged?

This is a great piece of sales tax trivia! First, you should know that we charge all applicable sales taxes based on Federal and Provincial legislations.

For products purchased on, Walmart will calculate and charge all applicable sales taxes based on the shipped-to location. This means that you are charged sales tax based on the destination of your purchase — not necessarily the location from where you placed the order.

For example, if you are shipping your purchase to an address in Alberta and you made the purchase on a computer in Ontario, the sales tax you see during the checkout process will be calculated according to sales taxes in Alberta. This is the same for anywhere in Canada.

What additional fees will I be charged?

Some products sold by are subject to environmental handling or disposal fees. These fees vary by product and by province, and are collected by Walmart and sent to stewardship organizations according to provincial recycling programs. The fees cover the cost of recycling, collection, transportation, and disposal of products.

For more information on individual programs, please visit your provincial stewardship organization's website.

Can I use my employee discount online?

Absolutely! You can connect your discount card to your account in a few steps:

  1. Click “My Account”.
  2. Click “Personal Settings” on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Scroll to the “Associate Discount” section at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click “Add your WIN and Discount Card Number to your account”.
  5. Type in your WIN and Discount Card number, click the box that says, “I agree to the Discount Card policy found on the WIRE”, and click the “Save” button.
    And you’re set up to shop with your employee discount!

Good to know: Your spouse can use your WIN to set up their discount card too. 

Can I use a manufacturer's coupon?

Walmart Canada is committed to saving Canadians money so they can live better. One of the ways we support this is by accepting vendor coupons. However, because we require the physical coupon to submit to the manufacturer, you cannot use a manufacturer’s coupon for online purchases. Here are the procedures for accepting coupons in any store at Walmart Canada:

  • Multiple coupons may NOT be applied for one item.
  • The item at checkout must be identical to the item on the coupon. This includes brand, packaging, weight, colour and size.
  • The date on the coupon cannot be expired.
  • The coupon must be valid in Canada and showing a Canadian address.
  • If there is a barcode, it cannot be damaged.
  • Online coupons must be printed, not shown from a mobile device.
  • Coupons can be redeemed at any time during the transaction.
  • Ad Match can be used in conjunction with a single coupon.
  • There is no limit to the amount of coupons per transaction however, Walmart reserves the right to limit the quantity where a customer attempts to use multiple coupons for multiple purchases of the same item.

Can I get a rain check?

We’re sorry — starting March 1, 2016, we won’t be issuing rain checks anymore. However, we will continue to honour all rain checks issued before March 1 in stores only.

Do prices vary based on shipping locations?

Yes, the price of some of the products available online will vary based on your shipping location. The first time you visited you were asked to enter your postal code. This postal code is stored as your shipping location for all of your visits to If your shipping location ever changes, you can update your postal code/shipping address in your cart, during the checkout process, or in the personal settings in your account.

What tax exemptions are currently available on

Unfortunately, at this time, does not have the ability to process the following tax exemptions online: Status Indian, Farmer’s, Fishermen, Resale, Government, Adult Clothing for age specific exemptions.

However, you can apply to the tax authorities for a refund for your eligible exemption. Please save your receipts to file your refund application for tax paid. For further information on your province’s policies and to access the refund applications, please visit:

Canada Revenue Agency
British Columbia
Please write a letter requesting the refund, including all backup documentation. The request can be mailed to:
Ministry of Finance
Revenue Division – PST Refunds
P.O. Box 200
Regina, SK
S4P 4A6
Or Fax to: (306) 798-3045



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