Baby Proofing Your Home

Think of your home as uncharted territory and your baby the fearless explorer who pays no heed to danger. Baby proofing your home will help keep your baby (and your home!) safe through the early inquisitive years.

Baby Proofing Your Kitchen

Use knob covers to prevent your child from playing with the stove burners, and always turn pot handles towards the back of the stove. Also, don’t hang tea towels or potholders on the oven door. Your baby may be tempted to grab at them, and the oven door might be hot.

Baby Proofing Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be a potentially hazardous place for your baby, so keep the door closed at all times. It’s also a good idea to install a protective doorknob cover so that your baby cannot enter without you. Skid-resistant bath mats will help prevent slips and falls, and a faucet guard will protect your baby from scrapes and bruises. You’ll also want to secure the toilet with a toilet lock, and always ensure that any medications and cleaning materials are safely locked away.

Baby Proofing Your Stairs

Installing a mounted baby gate at the top and bottom of staircases will protect your baby from taking a bad tumble. First, measure the opening or doorframe where you want to install the baby gate and find a gate that will cover the space. Next, screw the wall stud (provided with purchase) into the wall, then slide the baby gate into the wall stud. Finally, test the gate for strength and security. 

Baby Proofing Your Banisters

Installing a banister guard on your stairs will ensure your baby doesn’t get stuck, or worse, fall through. Banister guards are a clear, plastic shield that can be secured to your banister with railing ties and screw eyes. Any banister with openings wider than 10 centimeters should be covered.

Baby Monitors

A baby monitor will alert you to any distress in your baby’s room. The audio-only version picks up sounds from a microphone and relays them to a receiver. The receiver can either be stationary, or clip on to your belt or pocket while moving about the house. Baby monitors are also available with video, which allows you to investigate any baby sounds without running down the hall to the nursery. 

Baby Locks

Use adhesive locks for all drawers or cabinets within baby’s reach. They will block access to prying little fingers, and protect your baby from potentially dangerous items (and painful drawer pinches too). Mount the lock to the inside of the door or drawer and use the self-locking push down catch to secure.

Electrical Cords

Tape down any electrical cords in your home as they’re always within baby’s reach, and one strong pull can send a favourite lamp or appliance crashing to the ground. Use a strong electrical tape to secure cords and wires to the floor or the wall. 

Securing Furniture

Secure any tall furniture items like bookcases or display cabinets firmly to the wall. This prevents your crawling baby from dislodging books or plates, or from pulling down the entire unit. First, measure the height of your furniture and insert a shelf mounting bracket into the wall using screws and studs. Then move the unit back into its place and secure it by screwing in the top part of the bracket.

Bumper Pads

Put bumper pads over any furniture corners and hard edges. They will protect your baby from inadvertent run-ins and pratfalls. First, cut out a piece of sponge or foam that will fit generously around the table’s edge or corner. Then, secure your bumper pad with a strong electrical tape, either over the top of the pad or underneath. It can be a good idea to get down to your child’s level, on your hands and knees, and explore the dangers from their perspective.

Baby-Proofing Tips:

  • Make sure that all breakable and hazardous objects are out of your baby’s reach
  • Keep your baby’s highchair away from radiators, tables and counter tops
  • Remove locks from doors so your baby can’t become locked in a room
  • Check your baby’s toys for breakages and sharp edges
  • Install fire code compliant smoke detectors outside of each bedroom, and on all levels of your home, including the basement
  • Install window guards keep your baby away from the opening and the glass
  • Ensure that your garbage can always has a lid
  • Cover all electrical outlets with safety plugs
  • Make sure that all pet food is out of reach; it could contain ingredients that are harmful for a baby
This article is intended as general information. Always be sure to read and follow the label(s)/instruction(s) that accompany your product(s). Walmart will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this activity.



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