Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding that ideal gift for each family member is the ultimate holiday season success. These family Christmas gift ideas are sure to result in some magical holiday moments.

Family Christmas Gift Ideas 101

A Christmas gift under the tree is a suspenseful treat. That elaborately wrapped box that inspires goose bumps could contain exactly what we wished for, or a delightful surprise we never even imagined. Part of the joy of Christmas is the thrill of giving and watching other family members open their gifts. It’s the look on mom’s face when she opens her gift from the kids, or grandma’s brimming eyes upon receiving something from her grandchildren. Each gift starts with some careful thought, so here are some ideas to inspire every member of your family from youngest to eldest.

Gift Ideas


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Kids often have great ideas for what mom would love for Christmas but may need some help from dad or an older sibling to bring those thoughts into reality for a modest price. Mom will appreciate whatever she receives, but look for a gift that makes her feel special and pampered. Candles and bath salts tucked into a new coffee mug invite her to take some relaxing “mom time.” Say, “We love you, mom” with a suggestion from this list.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Many dads aspire to being the ultimate handyman. The, ideal Christmas present for a DIYer Dad would be anything that would help him do all those projects on his list. If dad likes to cook, then a nice barbecue set will have him excited for summer. A rugged coat or active wear will inspire outdoor activities. Tools, sports equipment, personal grooming items and thoughtful reading material are among the many things dads love to find under the tree.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

From your child’s point of view, the best Christmas gifts for kids typically reflect the latest trends in their age groups. Peer pressure weighs heavily on their wish lists so you need to know what’s hot for pre-schoolers, grade school kids and adolescents — a tall order if you have one or more in each category. The trick is to select a gift that your child will covet but also have a practical benefit such as learning or exercise. Combining your kids’ desires with unexpected treasures is the best bet for smiling faces on Christmas morning.
Baseball bat and ball sets

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Wee ones may lack the capacity to appreciate what’s under the tree but they’ll be amazed and delighted at the colourful wrapping and decorations. You can’t go wrong with cute and practical clothing items and picture books, plush toys and blankets. Toys for the family’s youngest members should be designed to help them develop their motor skills and provide a source of fascination. Here are some favourite gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Teens are more connected and tech-savvy than ever, fascinated by what tomorrow will bring in the form of the latest electronics. Gifts that let them plug in, log on and play with the rest of the world are easily recommended, including MP3 players and tablets. For the athletic or outdoorsy teen, consider specialized equipment or personalized lessons for their favourite hobby or sport. If you are really stumped, what teen wouldn’t appreciate a pre-paid MasterCard, or a gift card so they can shop for the perfect gift themselves. These gift ideas for teens will help keep them happy, engaged, and encouraged to pursue their dreams.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife

The best Christmas gifts for the woman at the heart of your household are all about honouring her for all she does every day. A spa mani/pedi kit, her favourite perfume or a special piece of jewellery all can show the depth of your love and appreciation. Have a selection of photos of your family and children made into an album she’ll cherish forever. These are just a few gifts that will have her smiling.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

Gift ideas can range from a new sauté pan to a rechargeable drill kit or golf club. Narrowing it down to the right gift is a matter of knowing which pastime excites him most. Shopping for your husband is all about embracing his many roles from home chef to renovator to sports coach. From a fashionable pair of cufflinks to electronics or a specialty cookbook, your guy can put them all to good use.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Brother

Boys are notorious for their boundless energy so the best Christmas gifts will capture their imagination and keep them active. A gift for a brother can be as basic as a new soccer ball, which could wind up becoming an endless source of entertainment for everyone on the block. These starter gift ideas can help siblings shop for one another and choose something they can share and enjoy together.
Walkie talkies

Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister

The best Christmas gifts for girls should reflect their interests and inspire their dreams. A thoughtful Christmas present for a sister will fire her imagination and present an opportunity to learn and grow. An inexpensive piece of jewellery can become the start of a collection while a hip fashion accessory is always welcome. Here are some Christmas present ideas that will appeal to the female siblings in your household.
Hair accessories

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Consider items that provide grandparents with physical comfort, a means of relaxation or simply a new fun game that will keep them smiling. Enhance their daily lives with a new appliance or updated gadget. A digital photo frame loaded with family images will remind them of all of the adventures they’ve had with the grandkids. Here’re some great gift ideas for grandparents.
Digital photo frames
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