Plastic Bag Free

Thank you for doing your part to reduce waste by bringing your own reusable bags or containers.

We know change can be hard, but we're making a difference for our planet together!

We're going plastic bag free on April 22

We're going plastic bag free

Together, we can prevent the use of 680 million plastic bags every year!


We have three goals:

  1. To create zero waste.
  2. To operate with 100% renewable energy.
  3. To sell products that sustain our resources and the environment.

Walmart Canada is serious about reducing single-use plastics! We know it’s up to retailers like us to step up and make big changes, especially when it comes to sustainability. This is the latest in a series of initiatives to eliminate unnecessary plastics across our business. In line with our 2019 Plastics Charter, we are taking aim at single-use plastic bags — with a goal of reducing distribution by 50% or more by 2025. As a result, stores across Canada will no longer provide any single-use plastic bags in store or for online pickup and grocery orders. Walmart is committed to reducing single-use plastics to help keep them out of the environment. As part of our efforts, we have committed not only to decreasing the use of single-use plastic check out bags, but to offer customers choice reusable options — customers can bring in their own bags and if needed are able to purchase reusable options in store for a low price.

This initiative is happening at various times in provinces across Canada, with an anticipated completion date of the end of April 22, 2022.
1. February: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland.
2. March: Quebec.
3. April: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon.

This initiative is happening in all Walmart stores across Canada with an anticipated completion date of April 22, 2022.

Contrary to popular belief, paper and cardboard are not better for the environment than plastic because of their heavy carbon footprint. Additionally, boxes need to meet strict quality control standards to be re-purposed for customer use. We use food grade boxes to pack food donations for our local food bank partners and recycle others. A combination of paper and reusable bags are being used for grocery delivery orders only. We encourage shoppers to move away from single-use items and toward more sustainable reusable options.

At this time, we will still provide:
1. Bags for items sold in bulk, such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, candy, flour, and cereals.
2. Produce bags.
3. Items already packaged by means of industrial processing.

Walmart stores have plastic bag and film recycling receptacles so customers can conveniently recycle their existing plastic bags. We recycle this material responsibly through a recycling partner.

Great question! Our stores will sell down their existing supply of plastic shopping bags, leading up to the launch date of each province. After this date, opened cases will be recycled as per Walmart Canada’s Plastic Bag Program.

We encourage our in store and online pickup customers to help us do all that we can for the environment by bringing their own reusable options from home — like a tote bag or even a laundry basket! If you forget your bags/containers at home, there will be existing and new lower-cost reusable options for sale at checkout. We also encourage our customers to consider transferring their items directly to their vehicle from the shopping cart, if applicable.

We’re happy to help! We will continue to provide our customers with excellent customer service at checkout. Cashiers will ask you if you would like assistance bagging items into your own reusable bags and will help if you would like assistance.

For both Walmart Pickup and Grocery Pickup orders, items will not be provided in single-use plastic bags. Moving forward, items will be placed directly into our totes for collection purposes and then transferred directly into customers’ reusable bags/boxes or vehicles. Please note, items sold in bulk (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, candy, flour, and cereals) will still be prepared for pickup in produce bags.

Items in Grocery Delivery orders will be put into a combination of paper and reusable bags. Chilled and frozen items will be transported to your home in Walmart’s reusable bags with all non-chilled items in paper — free of charge! All of our other standard delivery protocols remain in place, including packing chilled and frozen items in special carriers to ensure that their safe temperatures are maintained.

We are eliminating all single-use plastic bags at our checkouts and for online grocery orders because Walmart Canada is committed to protecting the environment. We recommend bringing your own reusable shopping bags or containers for in store shopping and for pickup orders. For your convenience, we offer reusable shopping bags both in store and online for a low price.

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