Get Your Kids Ready to Learn with New School Uniforms

Kids are tough on their clothes, and everything from grass stains to spaghetti sauce will take a toll on their daily wardrobe. That's why parents need to stock up on school uniforms before school is back in session. Of course, you can always find replacement uniforms and individual uniform garments like shirts and pants to round out your child's wardrobe in the middle of the year as well.

Shop Walmart Canada to find great prices on uniforms for girls and boys in every grade. Kids may be hard on their uniforms, but those uniforms don't have to be hard on your wallet.

Back to School Basics

Getting your kids ready to go back to school can feel like a big job. As your kids get older, that list of back to school essentials is going to grow, too. Pretty soon you'll be shopping for graphing calculators, electronics and textbooks that are way over your head!

A major part of getting kids ready to learn in the classroom is ensuring that they've got the appropriate wardrobe for their school. Each school has its own standards, but at Walmart Canada, you can find lots of options that match your school's expectations.

Best of all, parents can save money because of our everyday low prices. You can also stock up on back to school items to pair with their uniform like backpacks, lunch bags and more.

School Uniforms for Boys

Polo shirts, chinos and button-down Oxfords rule the roost when it comes to boys' uniforms. Walmart Canada carries these essential uniform items in a variety of colours, including basic white and blue options that many schools require. A wide selection of sizes ensures that you can get the perfect fit for your boys.

You can also find a huge selection of boys' shoes to pair with your child's uniform at Walmart Canada. Comfortable sneakers and more formal dress shoes that are still kid-friendly pair perfectly with your child's uniform.

Walmart Canada carries boys jackets and outerwear for the colder months, too.

School Uniforms for Girls

Whether your child goes to a girls' school or a school for both boys and girls, getting your budding student ready for class is a top priority. For girls, you'll find uniform items like polo shirts, chinos, skirts, dresses, polo-material dresses, shorts and more.

You'll find all of the colours and styles that you're looking for at Walmart Canada to create a mixed wardrobe that's school-ready. Girls' shoes for school and play are also available at great prices, so you can pick one, two or even three pair that will last through the school year.

Everyday low prices let you load up on all of your uniform needs. Don't forget to shop for fun after school clothes and activewear with the money you save.

Your child's education is incredibly important to you as a parent. That's why you make sure they have everything they need to shine in the classroom. Get your kids ready to learn in the classroom and tackle tough homework assignments with clothes that are durable, comfortable and a smart buy for parents.

You can also shop our selection of boys' clothing and girls' clothing for after school and weekends. We carry a vast selection of colourful, fun options like graphic tees, stylish jeans and more to contrast with those weekday uniforms.




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