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You need a computer, but not just any computer. You need something that’s performance-oriented; something that will make the most of your skills; something that will help you control the world inside the game. You need a gaming PC that will help you get the job done. At Walmart, you can shop for gaming computers that will give you precision control, power and speed, so you can play PC games the way they were meant to be played.

Sure, you can’t mess with classic gaming systems (the clunky controllers, sticky buttons and cheesy music are all so nostalgic!), but when you want a full-blown immersive experience that’s ramped up with speed, power and control, you’ll want a gaming PC. And if you really want to get your game on, split the action across two or more monitors for the ultimate experience. Round out your system with gaming mice and a gaming headset, so whether you’re playing single-player or you’re part of a multi-player session, you can get lost inside a realistic other world, where you’re part of the action and every move counts.

So game on, PC gamers. This ain’t your granddad’s Comodore 64, noob - take your gaming to the next level.



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