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Maximize your home efficiency with major appliances

Outfit your home with major appliances that make life easier. Appliances for your kitchen, laundry room and entertaining space help you with everyday tasks and get your whole household running efficiently. From dishwashers to clothes dryers, find the large appliances you need at Walmart Canada.

Kitchen appliances for efficient cooking

Create home-cooked meals with major appliances that work with your existing kitchen set-up. Gas, electric or induction ranges make it easy to sear, simmer and sauté your favourite dishes. Wall ovens save space in your kitchen, while combination units with both an oven and stove top provide multiple cooking options in a single appliance. A powerful range hood installed above your range helps keep the air clear of smoke while you cook, and you can find models that install under your cabinet for convenient placement. For fast reheating and defrosting, an over-the-range microwave comes in handy.

Dishwashers for post-meal cleanup

Cleaning up after a meal can be a daunting chore, but dishwashers simplify the scouring and sanitizing process. A large dishwasher that holds multiple place settings can handle cookware, utensils and dinnerware all in a single load. Countertop dishwashers provide reliable cleaning in a smaller space, and they hook directly into your sink for reliable drainage after the cleaning cycle is complete.

Large appliances for the laundry room

Develop your ideal laundry room with washers and dryers designed to efficiently clean clothing, towels and bedding. Models designed to stack vertically give you more room to manoeuvre in the room, while portable washers let you clean small batches anywhere for space-saving convenience. Some miniature units are small enough to put on a table or take in a vehicle to use during travel. Combination units both wash and dry clothes in a single machine, so there's no need to switch everything from one appliance to the other. Front-loading clothes washers and dryers offer easier loading and energy savings.

Appliances to keep food and drinks chilled

Maintain fresh food at the optimal temperature with large refrigerators that provide plenty of room for groceries. Combination refrigerator-freezer units let you store ice cream and frozen meals in an adjoining chamber, while large chest freezers give you extra room for long-term frozen storage. Mini fridges offer full functionality in a smaller size, making them ideal for dorm rooms and offices. Beverage fridges and wine coolers are designed to keep cans and bottles at the right temperature.

Commercial appliances for restaurants

Keeping food fresh and preparing large batches in a restaurant environment demands a higher level of performance from major appliances. Restaurant equipment includes expansive coolers, refrigerators and freezers with lots of room for large boxes and bags. Glass doors let you see the contents without opening the unit, and stainless steel appliances withstand heavy use. Commercial ice machines produce enough cubes or crushed ice for frequent refills, while restaurant ovens, ranges, fryers and microwaves handle big batches of food at once.

Repair parts for major appliances

When it comes to keeping your major appliances up and running, repair tools and replacement parts let you handle basic fixes at home. Components that match the make and model of your appliance ensure optimal performance after you finish the necessary repairs. Fuses, timer knobs and thermostats provide the parts you need, while levelling feet help keep your large appliance stable on an uneven floor.




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