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The right appliance parts keep your home running smoothly year-round

It's always the air conditioner that fails on the hottest day of summer, or the oven that takes a break during the holidays when family comes for dinner. When you need appliance parts, you often need them right away, and that's why keeps a wide variety of appliance repair parts in stock.

They can be the solution to regular wear and tear, appliance aging, kids playing rough or the restorative cure for electrical fault. In any case, once you've faced the repair or replace decision and decided on fixing the problem, you'll be looking for appliance repair parts to keep your equipment running into the future. Turn to Walmart Canada for your replacement defroster for the fridge, a pump for the washing machine or a door latch for the dryer. Find the appliance parts you’re looking for at your local Walmart, using Stores Near Me Locator.

Your source for what you need, including appliance parts

Walmart Canada has appliance repair parts for large appliances, and the essential ingredients for getting your small appliances running again. These days it's an economical way to live, repairing your appliances instead of replacing them when they develop minor problems, and it's also a green way to do your part for the planet.

If your washing machine won’t wash

Belts, pumps and hoses are a few of the items in your washer which will need replacing someday. These washer parts get a lot of wear and tear over the years, and replacing them can give your machine new life. The same goes for your dryer, which tumbles and heats and dries your clothes for years, eventually needing a new heating element for best efficiency or replacement of moving parts which have worn out.

When your dishwasher won’t drain

Your dishwasher does a lot of work just to drain the water it used to wash your dinner dishes. It has to handle the non-liquid pieces which came off the dishes and move everything down the drain in an orderly fashion. There's also the drying element, rollers, racks and so much more at work inside the unit. When you need dishwasher parts, you can find what you need at Walmart Canada to help get yours running.

When your fridge won’t freeze

You'd be surprised what goes on inside a typical refrigerator to manage the temperature, including the defrosting and cooling operations. While more complex repairs might require a phone call to an appliance repair service, many repairs can be completed yourself with Walmart Canada's selection of refrigerator and freezer parts, which includes door handles, seals and bulbs. 

Putting new life in your oven’s elements

Can you only cook on the front burners of your stove, or does your oven just broil and not bake? Replace your heating elements, often a quick plug-and-play situation, and you've given your stove new life and heat. Oven parts can be the solution to keeping an old appliance around a bit longer and keeping it out of the metal recycling system where all your home appliances eventually go.

Making sure your microwave locks, turns and heats as it should

Your microwave has specialized appliance parts which generate the energy for cooking, complex electronic boards for timing and operation, and simple door interlocks. The door parts may be the most prone to mechanical failure, but they are also among the most important microwave parts because they help keep your family protected from microwave energy.




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