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Washer parts for essential washer maintenance

When it's laundry day and your tried-and-true washing machine needs a minor repair, there's nothing worse than having to put chores on hold to call a repairman. At Walmart.ca, we keep a wide variety of common washer parts and dryer parts on hand so you can stock up on things like switches, knobs and coils. That way, when the washer or dryer malfunctions, you may be able to dive in for a DIY repair and save yourself the cost of a repair bill.

Washer parts for multiple makes and models

Walmart Canada carries a wide selection of washing machine parts and dryer parts that are designed to fit specific makes and models of washers and dryers. To be sure the part you need will fit your unit, you can search for washing machine parts by brand or your specific model number. 

Most of the time, you can find your appliance's model number printed on a sticker, which is usually located on the inside of the door of a front loader, or on the inside of the lid on a top-load unit. Other locations may be on the back of your unit, on the bottom of the side wall on the outside or in the doorjamb of a front-load washer.

Washer parts for at-home washing machine repair

Shop for a new washing machine belt, also called a drive belt, that's responsible for driving your unit's motion while clothes are spun and washed. Check your manufacturer's specifications for its inner girth and outer width to make sure it fits.

Look for washing machine hoses made of durable braided stainless steel. These are often used to replace old rubber hoses that can become worn and weak over time, making them prone to leaks. Before purchasing, make sure it's long enough to reach your water supply, since you want to avoid creating any kinks in the hose line.

Washer pumps help make sure water drains properly from your unit and circulates washing water properly throughout the tub. Walmart Canada sells replacements for your GE washer, among other brands. Sensors help ensure water levels reach the correct height when your washer is filling, and timers monitor a cycle's progress, so you know when your load is ready for the dryer.

Dryer parts for at-home dryer repair

Find a wide selection of dryer parts at Walmart Canada, including door latch kits for Kenmore dryers to repair openings that are either difficult to open or fall open too easily. 

Thermal fuses ensure your dryer drum doesn't get too hot or too cold, so your clothes dry effectively, and coil kits for your gas dryer open and close the valve that controls the flow of gas. When coils fail, the dryer typically has no heat and clothes don't dry properly. Electric dryers may use a heating element for the same function.

The best time to stock up on replacement dryer and washer parts is before they fail, so when something malfunctions, you'll be prepared. Find everything you need to fix common washer and dryer problems at Walmart Canada.




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