Affordable Freezing Options for Every Space

Refrigerators and freezers are essential appliances in every home. With the right model, you can get tons of cubic storage space and energy efficiency for your family, whether there's a lot of you or just a few.

Shop Walmart Canada to find a variety of brands and models like chest freezers, upright freezers, and more. Our great prices make it easy to choose the model that fits your budget and food storage needs.

You'll also find a selection of other home appliances like dishwashers and microwaves, which will help if you're working on a kitchen upgrade, remodelling or building a brand new home from the ground up.

Upright Models

Designed to save space even in compact kitchens and food storage areas, uprights can provide you with plenty of storage space for everything from frozen pizza to steaks, chops, burgers and frozen veggies. For small spaces,

shop for a half-size compact option that provides about 3 Cu. Ft. to 4 Cu. Ft. of space.

These smaller models are perfect for offices and work environments since the top can be used to place a microwave or for extra storage for things like dry goods. They'll even fit under the counter in most spaces.

If you need more freezer storage, go for a full-sized model that features 5 Cu. Ft. of storage space or more. These are excellent for long-term storage or for families that prefer to buy in bulk and freeze the leftovers for later.

Most models offer adjustable temperature controls to keep your food cold no matter what. Look for Energy Star approved appliances to keep your bills down.

Choose a Chest Option

A chest freezer makes the perfect addition to your garage or any other storage area you have in your home. With a reliable freezer on hand, you can stock up on everyday items when they're on sale and keep them ready to go

at a moment's notice. If you've got a big family or you just love to host parties, this can definitely help you reduce your food costs.

A huge selection of sizes is available through Walmart Canada, including compact 3.5 Cu. Ft. models, all the way up to oversized 400+ litre models perfect for storing weeks of food in one convenient location.

Compact and Ice Maker Options

Not every home or office needs a big freezer for lots of food storage. If you just need to keep a few things fresh, tabletop options can give you what you need while taking up virtually no space on your counters.

Shop for a compact model that offers 1 Cu. Ft. to 2 Cu. Ft. of storage space for your bar, office or even a garage workspace. There's no shortage of places you can enjoy the benefits of this small appliance for your favourite

snacks and goodies.

A freestanding ice maker can also be an ideal addition to your home bar when paired with a bar fridge or wine cooler. Never worry about not being able to give your guests a cold drink again!

Keep your food ice-cold with a chest, upright or compact freezer from Walmart Canada. With our variety and competitive prices, you'll be glad you came. 




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