Refrigerators to keep food fresh, wherever you are

Refrigerators are the most essential modern appliance for keeping drinks cold, meat fresh and produce crisp. Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of fridges for your home, office, garage or wherever you need food to be kept chilled.

Compact refrigerators

Mini fridges can vary in size from less than 2 cubic feet to about 4.5 cubic feet. They're ideal for dorm rooms, garages, classrooms or offices when you need to store refreshing beverages, small dairy items or a few lunchboxes.  

They come in a variety of finishes, from traditional white and black to more modern, sleek stainless steel, such as those from Hamilton Beach. For decorating a themed basement bar or home theater, check out retro-cool options from Frigidaire and Coca-Cola. Many are equipped with interior shelving for organizing items, and some may include a can rack on the door for conveniently stowing soda, seltzer or other canned beverages. Look for mini fridges with a separate small freezer section that's just big enough for a few frozen dinners, ice cube trays or pint-sized ice cream.

Cube-size refrigerators typically have one big open space for stowing fresh food and may not include shelving since space is limited. For a college student needing a place to store beverages or leftovers, these smaller mini fridges are a good solution. 

Full-size refrigerators

For a large household, or if your kitchen has more space, offers a selection of full-size refrigerators to meet your food storage needs.

You'll choose according to your preference from bottom-freezer refrigerators or top-freezer models. Some people find bottom-freezer fridges more convenient because the freezer typically slides out like a drawer, making it easy to organize frozen items among baskets and shelves, and it puts frequently accessed items in the fridge at eye level. Top-freezer refrigerator models make it easier to sort through frozen meats, but often require bending to reach the fridge's crisper drawers on the bottom of the unit.

A great compromise between these two types of fridges is a side by side refrigerator. These models split the fridge and freezer into two tall columns. Often, the fridge half is slightly larger. Look for refrigerators with a built-in ice and water dispenser that provides cold, refreshing water on demand and automatically makes ice cubes, so you never have to remember to refill an ice cube tray again. These types of ice makers often rely on an outside water supply, so you may need a professional to help you install it.

Wine coolers

If you're a wine enthusiast, you may consider adding a wine fridge to your kitchen set-up. These specialty appliances keep white and red varietals at optimal temperatures for serving, and they often include bright LED lighting so you can easily spot the bottle you want without opening the door. Choose models with large capacities if you have a substantial collection, or a smaller one might suit your needs if you just like having a few bottles on hand at once.

Fridge maintenance

To keep up with ongoing refrigerator repairs, whether it's for a simple light bulb, door latch or handle, we carry a big selection of refrigerator and freezer parts to suit your needs, so you can feel confident diving into a DIY repair before you call an appliance repair service.

Whether you're shopping for a full-size fridge to hold groceries to feed a family, or you just need a compact unit for a smaller space, you can find everything you need at affordable prices at





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