Freezer Refrigerator Combos


The refrigerator is an essential appliance in everybody's home. Smaller models are also ideal for dorm rooms, offices, and even studio apartments where space comes at a high premium. Whether you're looking for an oversized model or a compact refrigerator, Walmart Canada has an option that fits your size and budget requirements.

You'll also find a huge selection of home appliances like freezers, dishwashers, and ranges and range hoods for your kitchen.

Full-Size Fridges

Large capacity full-size fridges are perfect for most kitchens, including smaller and moderately sized ones. With a counter depth refrigerator, you can have plenty of cold storage for food and drinks without sacrificing more floor space.

Shop for a full-sized refrigerator based on your size and storage needs. Models that range from eight to over 11-cubic feet of interior space ensure you've got all the room you'll need. Match existing finishes by shopping for a polished stainless steel, classic white, or modern black refrigerator.

Mini-Fridge Options

A full-sized refrigerator is great for home use, but not every space needs something quite so large. For dorm rooms, office environments, smaller apartments, and people who just don't store much food at home, a mini-fridge can be a wise cost and space-saving choice.

When choosing a mini-fridge, you have the option of picking between a model that sits on the floor or a compact refrigerator that sits on the counter. Either one will work efficiently to cool your food and drinks, but your space will determine which one is the best option for you.

Mini refrigerator options come in capacities ranging between one and more than five cubic feet.

Shop Walmart Canada to see all of the different refrigerator options available for your home, apartment, or office. Bar fridges and combination wine cellars and coolers are also an excellent option for building out a bar or serving area for tight spaces and areas where guests tend to gather.




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