Mini Fridges


Mini fridges keep your drinks and snacks nearby

There are many reasons why you may want to store drinks and snacks somewhere other than the kitchen but, wherever that may be, you might not have the space for a full-sized fridge. A mini or bar fridge is a fantastic solution for keeping cool drinks and goodies on-hand. At Walmart Canada, we carry a large array of mini fridges in different sizes and styles, from trusted brands such as Danby, Whirlpool, Hamilton Beach, and more.

Uses of compact refrigerators

One of the most common places where you'll find a mini fridge is in a dorm room, full of drinks and study snacks to fuel late-night cram sessions. They are also great for smaller apartments where space is at a premium, as well as for larger homes where you don't want to be running to the kitchen from the basement or game room all the time.

Many people will keep a mini fridge in the garage next to their chest freezer for extra storage. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the portability and versatility of your mini refrigerator by plugging it in outside on the patio during a barbeque or taking it down to the basement during the big game.

Setting up a beverage centre

A compact fridge is a must-have for storing beer, wine, and pop in a home bar, ensuring that you always have drinks on-hand to offer your guests. For dedicated beverage storage, you can also take a look at our selection of wine cellars and coolers. These specialized types of compact refrigerators are made specifically to hold cans and bottles, maximizing storage space.

Treat your guests to a full bar experience by serving them their drinks of choice in all of the right types of glassware and barware. From basic drinking tumblers to specially shaped beer mugs and wine glasses, Walmart Canada carries everything your friends and family will need to toast their favourite host (you, of course!).

If you have chosen to set up a bar area that is separate from your kitchen, then consider installing a dishwasher for your beverage centre as well. It will help you make quick work of cleaning up all your barware once your guests have gone home.

How to choose a mini fridge

When selecting a mini fridge for your space, it is important to make sure that you have enough room for it. Some are small enough to sit on a countertop while others, though still compact, are taller and need more vertical space.

Another important factor to consider is interior configuration, as compact refrigerators have many different shelving options. Just as cellars and coolers are specifically designed for holding drinks, other types of fridges may be better suited for bulkier food items because they have taller and deeper shelves.

If you're looking for larger food storage solutions as well, then you may find what you need in our wide selection of full-sized refrigerators. Walmart Canada is your go-to supplier for all large and compact home appliances at great prices.





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