Many ways to get your clothes dry: the diversity of dryers

Spin your clothes dry using the most modern and effective dryers on the market to simply laundry day. Whether you’re looking for a dryer for a small apartment, or to avoid using the laundry room in your building, Walmart Canada has a wide selection of dryers and dryer accessories to make drying and folding clothes less of a hassle. Learn more about tumble dryers, compact dryers and even portable dryers that best suit your space and lifestyle online or in-store today.

Even high-tech traditional dryers need vents

Modern dryer vent hoses are durable and often easy to install. Their snap-fit vents to the outdoors allow quick removal of the hose for cleaning so your dryer can achieve maximum efficiency. Vent doors which shut automatically are also available to keep the cold air and anything else that wants to get inside out of the dryer hose when you're not running a load of clothes. Another innovation, though it appears low-tech, is a set of dryer balls. These are suitable for even the most elaborate smart dryer and help fluff your clothes, remove wrinkles and even reduce static cling just by tumbling along with your laundry.

Drying, sorting and organizing your laundry

How often have you dumped a load of dry laundry back into the dryer to remove the wrinkles from sitting in the basket? Clothes dryers use a lot of energy, but a few organization tools can save you time and money if this is one of your habits. First, consider drying racks for items that either shouldn't be completely dried in a machine or like jeans, often dry a lot later than everything else. Just take these items out and place them where they can finish drying on their own. For shirts, jackets and pants, multipurpose clothing racks let you quickly move from a basket full of assorted items to a beautiful array of carefully organized clothing that are ready to transfer to your closets.

Small-scale drying options

For those who don't need or don't have space for traditional dryers, Walmart Canada offers specialized drying systems that provide an enclosed space with heated air blown through where you can hang a small load of laundry and remove it after a short time once it's dry. This means you don't have to worry about awkward hanging of items where they don't belong while they air dry. In the bathroom, rather than running towels through the laundry just to get them dry, place them on a towel heater and they'll be ready for tomorrow's bath or shower. This is also a great way to handle delicate items that shouldn't be put in dryers.

For commercial use and small hotels

If you're handling loads of laundry for customers or guests, you may want to consider doing it professionally using a laundry scale to track your services and handy folding and pressing equipment. Your customers will appreciate their crisp new clothes that they wear out into the world.




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