Countertop Blenders


Expand Your Kitchen Capabilities with Countertop Blenders

Crush ice, puree foods and make delicious blended beverages with countertop blenders that deliver the power and versatility you need for everyday use. These versatile small appliances are essential for creating homemade salsa, hummus and vinaigrette dressings, and no cocktail party is complete without frozen drinks prepared in a blender. Find jar blenders, personal blenders and heavy duty models at Walmart Canada.

Classic Countertop Blenders

When it comes to all-purpose blending, grinding and mixing, classic countertop blenders make meal preparation easy. Jar blenders with 700 watt motors and a capacity of up to 6 cups can handle soft foods with ease, making them ideal for preparing batches of pureed baby food, milkshakes and sauces.  Models with motor speeds of up to 1500 watts deliver impressive crushing power when you're making nut butter or grinding coffee beans. Multiple speeds let you adjust for specific ingredient types, and preprogrammed settings offer one-touch operation when making common blended specialties. A pulse button offers precision chopping and blending in quick bursts. Designed specifically to fit under your cabinet, countertop blenders fit easily into your kitchen so you can toss in some ingredients and craft a tasty meal or snack. Include a classic blender as part of your must-have small appliance collection to ensure a well-stocked kitchen ready for preparing traditional or creative dishes.

Heavy-Duty Blenders

High-power heavy-duty blenders are designed to handle more complex kitchen tasks, from crushing large batches of ice to turning thick vegetable chunks into a creamy soup. Aluminum bases withstand heavy use, and multiple sets of blades offer more intensive chopping and grinding action. Larger pitchers hold enough food or drink for a crowd, and jars with measurement markings make it easy to assess amounts before and after blending. Look for intuitive touch controls for easy operation. For another way to prepare delicious healthy beverages in single servings or large batches, consider a high-quality juicer.

Personal Smoothie Makers

Some blenders come with smoothie cup attachments that attach to the basic base to let you create single-serving blended drinks you can sip right from the cup. Included lids let you take your smoothie with you in the car or during a walk, and dishwasher safe pieces make cleanup easy so you always have a cup ready when you want a fresh blended beverage. Compact personal blenders are another option if you primarily make blended drinks in small servings and don't need the extra functionality of a countertop blender.

Multi-Use Blending Appliances

Countertop blenders with multiple attachments add extra versatility to your food preparation efforts. A food processor attachment lets you slice, shred and chop ingredients using your blender base. You might prefer a full-function food processor if you need multiple slicing blades of different thicknesses or a larger capacity processing bowl. Tamper sticks provide a way to push food deeper into the blender through the lid to prevent pieces from getting stuck at the top, and strainer bags let you remove larger chunks from the liquid portion of blended drinks. Hand blenders with a variety of interchangeable tips work right in the pot when you need to blend ingredients into something already cooking on the stove.

Replacement Parts and Blender Accessories

Keep your countertop blender functioning properly with replacement parts designed specifically to work with your appliance. Replacement blades and sealing rings ensure optimal operation when the original parts wear out, while extra blender cups and pitchers let you create multiple batches of a popular drink one after another. 




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