Hand Blenders


Hand Blenders: Small but Mighty

Hand blenders are a must-have kitchen utensil whether you're a budding gourmet chef or you hate the thought of boiling an egg. These convenient devices make quick work of puddings, sauces and smoothies. Walmart Canada's large selection of immersion blenders and multi-speed hand blenders makes it easy to find the right tool for the job.

Immersion Hand Blenders

The stick blender is the baby of kitchen appliances, but its usefulness far outweighs its size. This little tool reaches right into pots, glasses and mixing bowls to combine ingredients swiftly. Most are ergonomically shaped to rest in the palm of your hand, and the power shaft often detaches for easy cleaning. 

When searching for an immersion blender or blending wand, you might want to research the following features:

  • How many speeds does it have?
  • Does the motor detach for cleaning?
  • Is there an included cup?

Some models, such as those by Sencor, have variable speeds — typically starting slowly to prevent splatter, then offering you the ability to move into turbo speed. Another useful option is the pulse mode, which lets you start and stop at the touch of your thumb.

Multipurpose Hand Blenders

Many times, hand blenders come with a variety of attachments so you can mix, grind, chop and crush all with the same tool. Walmart Canada's collection of Cuisinart hand blenders offers you models that quickly transform to suit the job at hand. Twist on a whisk for creams and sauces or use the chopper and cup as a mini food processor. Cups and beakers with lined measurements and an add-on potato masher make these hand blenders an incredibly versatile tool. Supporting the attachments is a stainless steel power handle, which can take on the toughest of hand mixing jobs.

Braun's hand blenders come with the usual adapters, but Walmart Canada also sells separate add-on pieces. You can find ice crushers, food processors and several sizes of food choppers to add to your Braun family.

Simplify Meal Prep

Although your traditional countertop blender is an incredible workhorse, there are times when you don't need all that power. Portable hand mixers can be placed within easy reach, letting you quickly combine ingredients before moving on to other steps. Their usefulness in food preparation stretches from the start to finish of every meal.

Create Savoury Dishes that Satisfy

Since these wand blenders can reach right into pots while cooking, they're extremely useful when making a roux or other type of sauce. Many Canadians have a favourite recipe for gravy (what better way to top poutine?), and a quick whir of the blender can help eliminate lumps, resulting in rich, creamy goodness.

Boil vegetables for cream soups and then puree them right in the same pot. If you prefer your chili beanless but want the added nutrition, give the beans a trip through the food processor and then blend them into your dish.

Use the included cup for eggs, scramble them with the blender then add in your favourite ingredients such as sausage, mushrooms, onions and peppers. Shake and pour into your heated pan for a delicious omelette in a matter of minutes.

Delight Them with Dessert

Beat your whip cream to stiff peaks and create delicate mousse dishes thanks to the whisk attachment on your hand blender. Once that chore is complete, click on the food chopper for nut, toffee and chocolate garnishes. Fruits are easily pureed, either right in the bowl or in the provided cup where they can be stored until ready to eat. And, if you prefer your fruit whole, mix up a creamy dip to add just a little extra decadence.

Customize Tempting Drinks

The most popular items people make with their hand blenders are probably smoothies. These delightfully cool drinks can be as sweet or as healthy as you want them to be. Hand blenders make it easy to customize everyone's favourite. Add in a little frozen fruit, some yogurt, a dash of honey and fresh milk and enjoy. The variety is endless since you can interchange any of the ingredients along with adding supplements and greens.

Of course, mike shakes, malts and ice cream floats are good options too, especially in the summer. Try a homemade eggnog this Christmas or branch out into specialty cocktails. Walmart Canada has glassware and barware to match each style of drink you make.

Place your hand blender either in a drawer or cupboard next to your workspace. The closer it is, the more you'll use it, and the more you'll appreciate this amazing little device.




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