Personal Blenders


Create Healthy, Delicious Treats With Personal Blenders

If you want to prepare food quickly and easily, you may be thinking of purchasing a blender. These food preparation powerhouses can mix, chop, shred and pulverise food, cutting down the time you need to spend with a knife in your hand. Personal blenders are just one of the blender options now available. They’re smaller than the traditional countertop blender, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the power to whip up a tasty treat.

Why Choose a Personal Blender?

When deciding which small appliance to buy, it’s important to think about its purpose. Juicers are best for juicing, while food processors quickly chop fruits and vegetables. Personal blenders are designed with drinks in mind. They generally have a blade section that fits to the blending cup. After the drink is blended, the blade can be detached and a lid is fitted, letting you drink straight from the cup and save on washing up. This makes them great for people who are looking for a quick, easy way to make single serves of foods such as smoothies and protein shakes.

Additionally, these small blenders take up less space, so they're perfect for people with small kitchens. They are easy to use, and because the blades separate from the cup, they’re usually easy to clean as well. Personal blenders are more affordable than full, countertop models, making them good for people on a budget or those who don’t want to pay for features they won’t use.  

What to Look For

When choosing a personal blender, your first decision is the appliance’s power. If you’re planning to make smoothies from frozen fruit, make sure the motor is powerful enough to process ice. You may also want to look for an ice-crushing blade. Generally, a more powerful blender has a higher wattage, and these blenders often produce a smoother drink. If you want to use your blender for more than smoothies, look for a machine with different blade types because each blade types offers a different type of cutting action.  

Large households may want a blender that comes with multiple blending cups so everyone can take a smoothie with them when they leave for school or work. Some personal blenders have come with multiple cup sizes so you can blend a small drink for the kids and a larger one for dad. Many manufacturers make their cups BPA-free for your peace of mind.

Other Small Blender Options

Some personal blenders offer other interesting features for consumers. People who eat a lot of soup may like looking at a blender that also heats soup. The new Instant Pot blender has a heating element, so your soup is ready to eat once it’s blended. People who travel a lot may like a portable personal blender. These generally have a smaller motor than a regular personal blender but make up for it by being lightweight enough to fit into luggage, letting travellers continue their healthy eating habits on the road. Many are battery operated and can be recharged using a USB cord.

Using Personal Blenders in the Kitchen

Personal blenders are a great way to help you get plenty of vegetables each day through smoothies and soups, but they’re good for more than just drinks. It’s easy to whip up a small amount of dressing for a salad in a personal blender, and they can also produce pesto and other types of dip. The more powerful personal blenders can be used to make peanut and other nut butters, and some people use them to make rice or nut milk. New parents may also like a personal blender to puree small servings of fruits and vegetables so that there’s fresh baby food each day.




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