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Coffee Makers to Perk Up Your Morning

Coffee makers are an essential component to any kitchen, whether you're a full-on coffee addict or just enjoy serving it occasionally when guests come to visit. Find coffee machines and all kinds of essential accessories to create a coffee station right at home in your breakfast bar. 

Coffee machines run the gamut from your basic, everyday drip coffee makers to more complex cappuccino and espresso machines. 

Drip Coffee Makers

Smaller coffee makers typically have 5-cup capacities or less and are ideal for those who live alone or in a dorm room. When you want to make a pot of coffee for just yourself or a friend, these small coffee makers are ideal. 

Larger drip coffee makers may hold as many as 12 cups, suitable for serving multiple dinner guests, fueling a long night of studying before a big exam or keeping yourself awake during the day with your new bundle of joy. Look for coffee makers with built-in timers, so you can prepare your pot ahead of time in the evening, and when morning comes, your coffee awaits.

Don't forget to stock up on coffee filters and your favourite coffee grounds or whole beans. Walmart Canada stocks many popular brands, including Starbucks and Kicking Horse Coffee

Single-Serve Brewers

In recent years, single serve coffee brewers from popular brands such as Keurig let you brew single cups of coffee with convenient K-Cup pods. Since they don't require measuring grounds or using filters, these types of coffee machines are a good choice for busy people who tend to make just one cup at a time. Choose one in a fun colour that stands out among other appliances, or go for the more traditional stainless steel or black finish.

Espresso Machines

These types of specialty coffee makers let you brew your own lattes right at home without venturing out to your favourite café. They tend to vary in price quite a bit, with the more expensive models boasting advanced features or letting you make two cups at once. Simpler, less-expensive models may have smaller capacities, but still may be adequate for serving guests. Select espresso machines with powerful milk frother nozzles and easy-to-pour decanters. 

French Presses

Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of French press coffee machines, which make use of immersion brewing to create a delicious cup of coffee. Coarse grounds and hot water are steeped together in a beaker, and when it's ready, a metal mesh filter presses to the bottom to separate the grounds from the liquid coffee that's destined for your mug.

Making coffee with a French press is a fine art, as it is vulnerable to over-extraction if the grounds are too fine or if it's left to steep for too long. Master your barista skills and look for models with double-walled stainless steel bodies for excellent durability and insulation. An ergonomic design makes it easy to pour your perfect cup.

Coffee Grinders

Run your favourite brand of whole bean coffee through a burr or blade coffee grinder to achieve uniformly sized grounds destined for a French press, batch of cold brew or drip coffee maker. These convenient kitchen tools are essential for creating delicious fresh coffee, as coffee preserved in whole bean form tends to hold on to more flavour compared to pre-ground coffee.

Smaller units can double as spice grinders, too, for using in recipes and have a small footprint for sitting on your kitchen counter. Other models have larger capacities and let you grind whole bags at once instead of a few cups worth.

Whatever your coffee needs are, chances are, Walmart Canada has just what you're looking for.




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