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Coffee Grinders for Stepping Up Your Coffee Game

If you’re like most people, you rely on at least one cup of coffee per day, if not more. Some people like to hit the local Starbucks during the morning commute, and perhaps again for a mid-afternoon pick me up, while others enjoy making their favourite brew at home.

If you like making your own coffee, you may be surprised to know how different it can taste when you grind your own beans. While ground coffee is great in a pinch and suitable for most drip coffee makers, if you use a French press, make cold brew or want to dabble in creating your own espresso or lattes, a coffee grinder is a must-have kitchen accessory. Shop for a wide selection of coffee grinders at Walmart Canada and take your daily coffee experience to the next level.

Grinder Advantages

When you buy a bag of pre-ground coffee, the size of the grounds is pretty standard — they’re neither too coarse nor too fine. This is suitable for standard coffee makers that use water and coffee filters. However, if you’re after super-fine grounds to use for espresso or coarse to use with your French press, a coffee grinder is essential because it lets you select the size you need.

A grinder also lets you keep big batches of beans on hand for longer. Coffee stays fresher when it’s in bean form as opposed to being pre-ground, so you can grind small or large batches of beans at a time and store the rest for later.

Burr vs Blade Grinders

Select burr coffee grinders for achieving uniform result, whether you’re going extra-fine or super coarse. Burr grinders use a combination of uniform pressure and rotation to essentially crush the beans into your desired consistency, and the results are typically more desirable compared to a blade grinder. Burr grinders also typically spin more slowly.

Blade grinders, although usually less expensive, tend to be quite noisy and spin extremely fast, which creates a lot of heat and friction. The result can be grounds that are a bit more inconsistent in size.


Shop for coffee grinders with varied capacities, so you can make a small amount for an indulgent Sunday morning latte or grind a whole bag for whipping up a big batch of cold brew for the week. Look for models from brands such as Oster that have built-in hoppers and up to 12-cup capacities.

Smaller models from Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach have smaller capacities, but may be better if you make only one or two cups at a time and won’t be grinding big batches. They also take up minimal counter space and come in attractive black or stainless-steel finishes to match your other appliances.

Manual Coffee Grinders

Those who live off-grid or who camp or hike and can’t live without their morning cup of coffee may consider a manual coffee grinder from brands such as KitchenPRO. Look for models that have ceramic burrs for even grinding results and a comfortable hand crank. Their compact and portable size make them easy to tuck into a backpack with other essential gear.

Coffee Grinder Versatility

If you enjoy cooking, coffee grinders make excellent spice grinders as well. Shop for a dedicated spice grinder for the kitchen, so you can make fresh coarsely-ground pepper for homemade beef jerky or warm, or finely-ground cinnamon for oatmeal or cinnamon rolls. Ground spices made at home from whole peppercorns or cinnamon sticks tend to have deeper flavours and be more aromatic than pre-ground bottled spices.

Whether you’re shopping for a replacement for your existing grinder or want to start grounding your own beans, you can find a wide selection of kitchen coffee grinders at Walmart Canada.




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