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Coffee Makers To Help You Make A Great Cup Of Coffee

For many people, coffee is an important part of their everyday routine and, at Walmart Canada, you can help find a coffee maker that meets your individual needs. Not everyone is interested in spending a lot of time or money on their brewer while, for some people, coffee is an art form that requires a more sophisticated machine. What you need to decide is what kind of brewing preferences are necessary for your life.

Not everyone has a lot of time to spend in the morning grinding beans and brewing their coffee manually while others are willing to get up a little earlier to ensure that they have the perfect cup – or pull the perfect espresso shot – each and every time. Fortunately, there are many kinds of coffee machines and brewers to choose between. From single serve brewers to French press coffee, espresso machines and more, you’re sure to find the right fit for your taste preference at Walmart.ca.

Different Coffee Brewing Styles Offer Different Benefits

For some, the most important part of their morning is getting that jolt of caffeine from their coffee. These individuals are often uncomplicated and are looking for a brewer that will help them get their coffee without much fuss. Single serve brewers are great for individuals who are on the go. With pre-measured pods, generally, all you have to do is add the correct water amount to your brewer, insert the pod into the machine, make sure your cup is underneath the spout and press the brew button.

For individuals who are also concerned about the environment, and maybe don’t favour coffee machines that utilize plastic pods, many of these single serve machines offer reusable pods that can be filled with your favourite coffee, brewed, cleaned and then reused.

For coffee drinkers who are looking for bold, fresh coffee, a good fit might be a French press. With these brewers, coffee drinkers should utilize coarse ground beans (not the varieties that are used for drip coffee makers, or in single serve brewers) as a fine grind will make your coffee bitter and also might result in grounds being in your glass. You can achieve this either by grinding your beans at the store or by using your own coffee grinder at home. After you’ve measured your coffee (about 7 to 8 grams of coffee per 200ml), pour the correct amount of boiling water over the grounds and set a timer for between four to five minutes. Once your timer goes off, slowly press the plunger on your coffee and push the grounds to the bottom of the French press. Be sure to drink immediately as if your coffee grounds sit in the press, any residual coffee will be bitter.

Espresso Machines For Bold Coffee Taste

For many, shots of espresso remind people of Italians sipping from tiny cups at espresso bars. Espresso is a very fine grind of coffee that has water forced through it under very high pressure and temperatures. This extracts a concentrated and flavorful shot of coffee that some people choose to drink straight, while others combine it with sugar or cream, or you can choose from espresso drinks like the cappuccino (which is espresso combined with thick, frothy milk).

For coffee drinkers who are looking for robust and flavorful coffee beverages, and who are committed to the craft of coffee making, an espresso machine can be a great investment. Not only are they quick (the espresso shots are pulled through most machines in well under a minute), but they are efficient as you are able to get your caffeine fix in a shot instead of a whole glass.

No matter what your coffee style, there you should be able to find a brewer that fits in with your lifestyle and budgeting needs. With great prices and a variety of brewers and coffee maker accessories to choose from, you can count on Walmart Canada to help make your morning coffee routine a little more seamless.




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