Electric Kettles


Heat Water Quickly with Electric Kettles

Prepare steaming hot water any time of day with electric kettles. Whether you're preparing a perfect pour over for one or making afternoon tea for friends, these kettles let you achieve just the right temperature for optimal flavour. Find electric kettles to rapidly warm your water at Walmart Canada.

Quick-Heating Kettles to Save Time

If you make tea, coffee or other hot beverages often, having a dedicated electric kettle makes sense. These convenient small appliances heat water more quickly than a stove top kettle, so there's not much downtime before you start pouring. Stainless steel kettles are durable enough to withstand the rigors of a busy household or office, while plastic electric teapots offer an affordable option for casual everyday use. Plug-in water kettles made of glass let you watch the water as it boils, creating an attractive look on your counter. Keep an electric teapot close to your pour over supplies or French press to optimize your coffee production.

Cordless Designs for Convenient Carrying

Cordless kettles don't keep you tethered to an outlet, so you can lift and carry your heated water across the room. A teapot with a swivel base makes it easy to grasp the handle from any direction, and keep-warm settings hold the kettle at a steady temperature for up to 30 minutes after you boil the water. A large capacity tea kettle that holds over a litre of water lets you easily prepare enough water to serve a big group, and you can remove your cordless electric kettle from the base after heating and leave it at the center of the table for guests to prepare their own drinks. Smaller electric kettles are best when you need to boil water for just one or two people. 

Precise Temperature Control with Electric Kettles 

Variable control electric kettles let you set a precise temperature, so you can choose different heat levels for different beverages. Some models have specific settings for green tea, black tea and French press coffee, while others give you the option of inputting a specific temperature each time you start the boiling process. An auto shut-off feature keeps you from accidentally leaving the pot on after boiling and dry boil protection turns the unit off if there's no water left. Tea kettles with goose neck spouts give you even more control over the beverage you're making because they slow down the water flow as you pour. Once your water is prepared, you can pour it into a decorative teapot for a pretty presentation before serving guests. 

Hot Water Dispensers for All-Day Tea Service

If you need all-day access to heated water, a hot water dispenser might be an option. These small appliances have a large capacity, so they work well for events and shared spaces. One-touch dispensing makes these units easy to operate, and the stable freestanding design lets you set one on a table or at a beverage station for easy access. Look for a model with a built-in handle to facilitate convenient carrying when full.

Portable Electric Teapots for Travel

Silicone teapots designed for on-the-go use fold down into a compact configuration for easy transport. Pop-out handles simplify pouring, and the silicone exterior stays comfortable to the touch. Some models come with plug adapters for use in different countries. If you're transporting a single serving of tea or coffee, an insulated travel mug offers a convenient way to sip in the car.




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