French Presses


Embrace Your Inner Barista with a French Press

The rich, full-bodied flavour of a fresh cup of coffee brewed in a French press offers you and your guests a unique experience. Because a French press coffee maker doesn‘t use a paper filter, you’re getting all those flavour-making natural oils from the coffee bean in your cup instead of throwing them away. With a bold taste that‘s similar to an espresso drink but without all the specialty equipment, a coffee press takes your morning routine or after-dinner treat up a notch. Walmart Canada has all the supplies and accessories you need to make an impressive cup of coffee.

Grind Size for a French Press

Coffee presses require a coarser grind than more traditional types of coffee makers. Many pre-ground coffees are meant for drip-brew coffee machines, which is too fine for press pot coffee. Buying whole coffee beans lets you grind your coffee to the right size for your press pot and grind it fresh for each brewing session. 

Whether you choose a burr or a blade-style grinder, you should be grinding whole beans to a medium-coarse to coarse size. The texture of this grind will feel and look like coarse sea salt or sand. Coffee that‘s been ground too fine for a French press can taste bitter after it's brewed and may leave a lot of sediment in the cup. When it‘s too coarse, you may think the brew tastes weak and watery.

Why Water Temperature Matters

Coffee lovers know that fresh, filtered water can make a huge difference in how flavourful their brew tastes, but the temperature of your water is just as important. No matter what kind of brewing style you’re using, be it drip, pour-over or French press, heat your water until it’s between 93-96 degrees Celsius. 

This is where an electric kettle saves the day, especially one that lets you set the target temperature or shows it on the display. Bodum, a brand known for its French press coffee makers, also offers electric kettles in addition to its press pots and grinders on A matching set is a great choice for at-home coffee aficionados who love having their appliances and accessories coordinate.

When to Make the Plunge

The time you take to brew in a French press shouldn’t vary by much because proper extraction is a precise balance between grind, temperature and time. Some coffee-lovers prefer a bloom stage where they pour enough water to cover the grounds and then let them steep for half a minute, but the full brewing time should not exceed 4 minutes. That’s not much longer than it takes a standard pot of coffee to brew, so if you’ve been waiting to make the plunge with a press pot because you’re worried it takes too long, worry no more. 

Once the time is up and you’re ready to push the plunger down, you’ll know if you have too fine of a grind if it‘s a struggle or too coarse if it sinks straight to the bottom. The ideal plunge with a press pot coffee maker should resist your push a little but descend with consistent ease. You can avoid sediment in your cup by letting the mesh filter come to rest lightly on the grounds at the bottom rather than pushing it against them too hard.

Serving Up the Freshest Cup

Coffee made in a French press should be served immediately, so have your favourite mug ready to go before you start brewing. Thick or double-walled ceramic or glass mugs are great for keeping your coffee hot while you take your time enjoying the rich flavour you get from a press pot. Insulated travel mugs come in a variety of sizes in case you need to brew a big batch that’s ready to go on the road. 

Whether you need a matching set for entertaining guests or each coffee-lover in your home wants to pick a special mug that’s all their own, Walmart Canada has a wide range of coffee cup and mug choices that can keep your cup looking as fresh as your French press coffee tastes.




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