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Save Time and Energy with Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water dispensers offer a convenient way to enjoy a variety of foods and drinks from early-morning teas and hot cereals to late-night cocoas and coffee. Walmart Canada's countertop and under-sink water warmers give you near-boiling water at the push of a lever for instant use.

Benefits of Hot Water Dispensers

Having instant hot water is a luxury that's easily affordable thanks to Walmart Canada's hot water dispensers and water warmers. These handy appliances are sometimes overlooked until you've experienced the many advantages of accessing near-boiling water without the wait.

  • Prepare tea, coffee, cocoa, hot cereals and soups in minutes
  • Blanch vegetables — no pan required
  • Keep rinsed pasta piping hot
  • Warm baby bottles safely
  • Clean heavily-soiled plates faster
  • Use less energy than typical pan water boiling
  • Avoid lifting and carrying boiling tea kettles

These same benefits apply equally to small businesses giving employees temperature-perfect water without wasting valuable company time and energy.

 Enjoy Coffee and Tea Anytime

Whether you drink decaffeinated drip coffee or are a skilled barista who makes picture-perfect latte art with their espresso machine, sometimes you need an instant afternoon pick-me-up without the hassle. That's when a pour-over device is the perfect tool, and with near-boiling water nearby, you can have your chosen flavour in minutes.

Hot tea has its own enthusiasts who mix and match tea leaves to perfection. Take one cold rainy afternoon, add one perfectly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea and experience a respite from everyday life. Or, sip a fruity herbal concoction during the afternoon, and enjoy powerful antioxidants as you sip your stress away. If you're feeling under the weather, hot teas at night with lemon and honey feel soothing to sore throats irritated by frequent coughing or allergies.

Types of Hot Water Dispensers

Walmart Canada's selection of hot water dispensers includes countertop devices and under-sink models. Each has advantages but all heat water to around 88 degrees Celsius with some offering a range of 65 to 98 degrees Celsius.

Countertop Dispensers Offer Flexibility

These portable devices are easy to set up and can be placed on counters or work surfaces during use and stored when not in service. They are great to take camping if you have access to electricity, providing hot water that quickly rehydrates freeze-dried meals. The fold-down handle makes them easy to lift and transport. 

The capacity of these units ranges from 3L to 5L, and they have a convenient water level gauge that lets you know when it's time to refill. Zojirushi has several models with extra features such as quick reboil, quick temperature adjustments, auto shut off and a slow drip dispenser.

Walmart Canada's countertop hot water dispensers are attractively designed in white, black or brushed stainless steel to match most kitchen decor. Their small footprint also works well in RVs and patio entertainment areas.

Under-Sink Dispensers Save Space

It's simpler to include an under-sink instant hot water dispenser during kitchen remodels or new home construction. However, it's also within the scope of a DIYer to add one to an existing setup, especially if your sink already has a sprayer hole. Look for a hot water dispenser that closely matches your current kitchen faucet, such as the stylish choices from the Whitehaus Collection.

Install the small electric water heater under the sink and adjust the temperature settings to meet your needs. The heater receives water directly from the cold feed line. It also needs access to a grounded electric outlet.

Hot water dispenser faucets and heaters are often sold together in a kit, such as those by InSinkErator, and other times you must purchase the mini water heater separately. Regular kitchen faucets are not advised for this type of setup since they can't handle the excessive heat and have no venting capabilities.

Regardless of the model you choose, equipping your kitchen with a hot water dispenser lets you quickly prepare hot drinks and start water boiling on the stove, saving you time, so you can spend it with family and friends.




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