Single-Serve Coffee Makers


Stay True to Your Brew with Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single serve coffee makers are a great way to get off to a good start in the morning. With less waste and a more easily customized taste than standard coffee pots, you're sure to find a single serve coffee machine that suits your style. Brew up the perfect cup with single serve coffee makers that are all about your preferences.

Find Your Flavour with a Machine Made for You

Customize your morning java with a cup pod coffee maker designed for a tailored experience. Ideal when you're brewing a cup just for you, and equally popular in environments like offices with a diverse set of preferences, these compact and efficient coffee brewers allow you to get just what you want whenever you pop in a pod.

Your coffee is always fresh when you're making one cup at a time. With large pot drip coffee makers, once a beverage is brewed, it can start to turn stale or become bitter after about 30 minutes, but a single cup coffee maker ensures you never make more than you plan to drink. If you're a coffee lover, you'll appreciate the difference when you enjoy a piping hot, fresh mug every time.

Coffee pods give you great options for increased variety, letting you experiment with different types of coffee and blends without committing to a big tin of beans. Get creative, mix things up and find something new whenever the mood strikes, or just enjoy having a variety of flavours available every day of the week.

Convenience on the Go with Easy Options

Whip up a piping hot mug of your favourite blend on your way out the door, with no excess going to waste. You can brew your coffee directly into your travel mug with popular models by Keurig, which saves time in the morning and reduces the number of dishes to do when you get home.

Single serve coffee makers are small and portable enough to travel with you, so when you're out of town, you never have to settle for lacklustre options. Single serve coffee machines are perfect when you're staying in hotels and don't want to rely on whatever is available in your suite. Your favourite flavours and coffee capsules come along with you, so you can get a bright start to every day while you're on the road.

Save Time and Money with Single Serve Coffee Makers

Less waste means more value every time you brew up a cup. Single serve coffee makers let you choose the perfect amount, and you can always brew another mug quickly if you want some more. Cup pods are a convenient way to enjoy your favourites and avoid excess by getting exactly what you want.

Brewing a single cup of coffee means your beverage is ready faster, so you always get to enjoy your favourite drinks without having to wait. Pods of ground coffee are ready when you are, requiring no special setup like changing filters and grinding beans.

Single serve coffee makers are easy to keep clean, with fewer parts compared to drip coffee makers. A simple run through with a mix of water and distilled white vinegar once a month will get rid of any build-up of lime or residue in the machine, and a second run with pure water gets rid of any leftover vinegar before you make your next cup.

Explore and Enjoy with a Versatile Coffee Experience

Machines from Cuisinart and Brentwood are a great way to take advantage of the convenience offered by single serve coffee makers, so you can start brewing cups to your taste whenever and wherever you want.

Walmart Canada has a wide range of options available to help you get started and enjoy new flavours and experiences with machines that fit into your busy lifestyle.




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