Cylinder & Canister Vacuums


Canister Vacuums for Powerful Cleaning

Clean all types of floors, from carpet to hardwood, with a canister vacuum. Powerful motors, an extended reach into hard-to-access spaces and a variety of attachments make these cylinder vacuums versatile enough for household or office use. Find canister vacuums to whisk away everyday messes and deep clean your home at Walmart Canada.

Powerful Suction for Efficient Cleaning

The powerful engine of a canister vacuum provides strong, consistent suction that pulls up dirt and debris trapped in carpets or crevices. Larger canister vacuum cleaners with bigger engines provide a stronger flow of air that results in a deep cleaning. Canister vacuums are truly multifunctional, too. They perform just as well on hard tile or wood floors as they do on plush carpet or area rugs. Cyclonic technology creates a consistent swirl of suction that doesn't get weaker over time, and a long power cord helps expand your reach so you need not switch outlets as frequently. Cordless canister vacuums offer even more location versatility but require recharging between uses.

Lightweight Canister Vacuums to Simplify Carrying

Cylinder vacuums are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can conveniently lift and move them across a room, upstairs or down a hallway. Wheels make it easy to roll the vacuum exactly where you need it, and the long, flexible wand fits conveniently underneath furniture or reaches up onto shelves and decorative molding. The parts often disassemble for easy storage in a closet or utility room. Bagless vacuum cleaners with washable filters minimize replacement costs and down time. For small spills and messes that don't require a full cleaning session, you can use a handvac or small stick vacuum.

Assorted Accessories for Floors and Furniture

If your cleaning plans include furniture, drapes and cabinetry, vacuum accessories and attachments can help. Angled crevice nozzles help pull debris out of tight corners, while upholstery brushes sweep along soft surfaces to loosen dust before suctioning it away. Stocking up on replacement bags and filters ensures that your vacuum is always ready for action, while replacement brush rolls and belts let you complete minor repairs at home.

Reliable Cleaning for Pet Owners

Pet owners know how difficult controlling pet hair and dander can be, but regular vacuuming can help minimize the amount of fluff you find on your floors and in the air. Cat and dog owners might seek out a vacuum with especially strong suction to ensure consistent pickup of larger particles of litter or spilled food. Rotating brushes dig embedded fur out of carpets to make it easier to remove, while swivelling heads let you change the angle to reach around table legs or into thin spaces. To remove odours or liquid messes, you might want to use a carpet shampooer.

Anti-Allergen Features to Help Clear the Air

Vacuums designed with anti-allergen features help reduce allergens in your home. HEPA filters capture tiny particles of dust, pollen and debris that might otherwise cause an allergic reaction. Bagged vacuums may be a better choice for allergy relief than bagless vacuums because the bags keep allergens contained during removal. Water filtration moves collected debris into a water-filled chamber to prevent it from becoming airborne again. Frequent cleaning with a canister vacuum can complement your use of an air purifier to help reduce allergens in your home.

Backpack Canisters for Added Manoeuvrability

For fast, efficient cleaning of a commercial space, work shed or garage, a backpack canister vacuum gets the job done. These sturdy cleaners are designed to be worn instead of pushed or carried, so they stay out of the way while you clean. Powerful motors, typically mounted on the bottom of the canister, provide faster dust and debris pickup than similar-sized floor vacuums. Long wands and flexible tubing let you reach both the floor and areas above your head without bending over or stretching excessively. Look for a lightweight design and an ergonomic harness to stay comfortable while using a backpack vacuum.




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