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Carpet Cleaner Machines for Keeping Your Rugs Looking Like New

While vacuuming is a regular part of weekly household maintenance, sometimes your floors need a deeper, more thorough clean to help remove unwanted stains or odours. Whether these mishaps have come from pets or food spills, or they just need a general freshening up, Walmart Canada has you covered with a variety of carpet cleaner machines and home carpet cleaners to suit your needs.

Portable Carpet Cleaner Machines

Portable home carpet cleaners are convenient for many reasons — they're easily moved from room to room wherever they're needed, they're perfect for spot cleaning applications and they're small enough to store in a closet or garage when not in use. Look for models from names you recognize like BISSELL to help keep your rugs stain-free. These types of portable carpet cleaners typically come with convenient attachments that provide suction and let you target smaller areas, such as stairs. Some units may use a set-it-and-forget-it method and run automatically with powerful brushes, while others require a bit of elbow grease with an attached brush wand to help remove stains.

Don't forget to purchase the appropriate liquid concentrate, some with deep clean formulas, required for most portable carpet cleaner machines. Walmart Canada sells a variety of carpet cleaning solutions, both online and in-store, that are specially designed for use in your chosen model.

Portable cleaners with carpet-friendly wheels make them easy to transport among multiple tough stains, and some come with extendable handles to minimize bending and lifting.

Deep Clean Your Carpets With Carpet Cleaner Machines

Other units may have an upright orientation, similar to a vacuum cleaner, so you can operate it while standing and without having to sit on the floor or kneel. It's typically moved slowly back and forth — a forward motion cleans the rug while pulling it back over the same spot sucks up excess water to help dry the carpet. Another advantage to an upright model is its water tank capacity — they're typically larger than portable machines, requiring fewer trips to the sink for tackling tougher stains. They also usually have a wide cleaning path, which is convenient for spills that are more spread out or for general carpet freshening

Look for upright carpet cleaner machines that come with accessories that are excellent for spot cleaning or using on furniture and upholstery. These units typically have separate clean and dirty water tanks, too, for easy removal, filling and disposal. Longer hoses are convenient for using with stairs, so you don't have to carry the unit with you as you clean

Some newer models of upright carpet cleaners are built to be automatic, such as those from Hoover that help make carpet cleaning less strenuous. They may automatically mix and dispense solutions for optimal cleaning, and they have brush rolls for removing deep-set dirt and debris.

Commercial-Strength Home Carpet Cleaners

For businesses or for achieving professional-level cleaning results, industrial models from brands such as Rug Doctor have large tank capacities, as much as 14.5L, for cleaning large areas, such as entire apartments, condos or houses. These units are also equipped with powerful brushes and motors to help ensure removal of dirt, allergens and pet odours.

Tips for Using Carpet Cleaner Machines

Once you've found a home carpet cleaner that meets your needs, be sure to follow some of these tips for effective operation.

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for water fill capacities. Some units may indicate using distilled water for best results.
  • When adding carpet shampoo, the label should provide guidance on how much to add. Keep in mind these formulas are typically concentrated, so in this case, a little should go a long way.
  • Be sure to empty the dirty water tank soon after cleaning to prevent the buildup of grime, and rinse it out with fresh water, so it's ready to use next time.

Whether you want to be able to regularly refresh your rugs at home without having to call a professional or you want a portable carpet cleaner around for handling unexpected spills, Walmart Canada has you covered with our wide selection of carpet cleaner machines.




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