Free Yourself from Cords with Cordless Vacuums

Since powered vacuum cleaners first entered people’s homes in the early 1900s, these modern appliances have been making life easier for those in charge of cleaning. Vacuum cleaners easily suck up the dirt and dust of everyday living, leaving floors and carpets fresh and clean. Today’s modern cordless vacuums offer powerful cleaning action coupled with the convenience of cord-free cleaning.

What Is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Cordless vacuums generally come in two categories: stick vacuums and handheld units. Stick vacuums are usually compact with a slim cleaning tube for floors, while handheld versions are small machines held in the hand. Some stick vacuum models can be converted to a hand vac for quick spot cleaning.

A Convenient Option

For most households, the biggest benefit of the cordless vac is its convenience. Many people find it annoying to pull out a large, corded vacuum cleaner for small spills, but they don’t want to leave the dirt or cookie crumbs to be ground into the carpet. A cordless vacuum makes cleaning up small messes easy, and many households have one in addition to a canister or upright vacuum cleaner.

Most cordless vacuums are also bagless, so there’s no need to remember to buy vacuum bags, and their lightweight build makes them easy to move around. This lets you use them in tight or tricky spots, such as on stairs, or transport them to other places that need cleaning, like a shed or boat. The slim, compact design also makes cordless vacuum cleaners easy to store. For people with mobility concerns, the lightweight build of a cordless vacuum can simplify their cleaning routine.

As Powerful as the Rest

Many new cordless vacs have the power to compete with traditional corded vacuums. Brands like Dyson are bringing innovative designs and features to the market so households can rely on a cordless vacuum for most of their floor cleaning needs. These battery powered powerhouses couple excellent cleaning performance with slim, light designs. Even homes with a dog or cat can find models that effortlessly tidy carpets using extra power and pet hair attachments. Households that regularly see spilled drinks may appreciate a wet-and-dry model that can efficiently deal with liquid messes. Some models also come with advanced filters that can help keep allergens out of the air, which may be beneficial to people with asthma and allergies.

What to Look For in Cordless Vacuums

For most people, battery life is the most important consideration in a cordless vacuum cleaner. People who want the vacuum for small accidents may need a shorter run time than those planning to use their cordless vac for the whole house. Also, take the time to check how long the cleaner takes to charge. Some models have a battery life indicator, letting owners know how long they have before they need to plug it in.

The cleaner’s dirt capacity is the other main factor when choosing a cordless vacuum. The lightweight design means the canister has a smaller capacity than corded models. No matter the size of the canister, make sure it’s easy to empty and clean and that filters aren’t difficult to replace.   

After battery life and capacity, selecting a cordless vacuum becomes a matter of picking a model that suits your needs. Choose an option that’s easy for you to operate. Some stick models have adjustable height, making it easier for multiple people in the household to use it. Many models come with a variety of accessories, allowing you to easily clean corners, upholstery and under furniture. If you want to use the cleaner on a bare floor, choose a model that has an option for wood or tile floors.  

Other Floor Cleaning Options

If a cordless vacuum doesn’t meet all your floor-cleaning requirements, there are other options available. For people who don’t like to vacuum, a robotic vacuum may be the answer. This cordless option doesn’t require a human to push it at all. A central vacuum is another possibility for people looking for an all-in-one system. Carpet shampooers are good for getting rid of ground-in dirt, and those who need to clean hard floors may find a steam mop is the perfect floor cleaning solution.




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