Robot Vacuums Take the Work Out of Housework

There’s no way around it; keeping your living space comfortable and tidy requires daily household chores and some elbow grease. With a robot vacuum, however, your carpets and floors are cleaned and swept free of debris without you lifting a finger.

Walmart Canada’s robot vacuum cleaners are loaded with useful features — all of them designed to make your life a little easier. With advanced maneuverability, smartphone apps that program cleanings and long battery life these little helpers free up your time, so you can do more things you enjoy.

What Can A Robot Vacuum Do For You?

These handy little tools roam around your house picking up pet hair, dust and small debris and then go back to their home base (charging station) to await emptying. Some units can even switch seamlessly between suctioning and mopping.

Robot vacuums work best when they’re used frequently. For instance, an every-day or three-times-a-week vacuum cleaning schedule is less demanding on your unit than cleaning heavily soiled floors once a week. Here are a few benefits of robot vacuum cleaning.

  • Save time for things you enjoy
  • Experience a clean house regardless of mobility problems
  • Come home to freshly vacuumed floors
  • Prolong the life of carpets and and other surfaces
  • Remove hidden dirt and food particles from carpet fibres

They’re Built to Tackle Multiple Surfaces

Take a quick look around your home and identify the most common flooring materials. Most robot vacuums have no problem with surfaces such as tile, wood,vinyl and low-pile carpet, and they can cross onto floor rugs with ease.

Once you move into medium-pile or fluffier carpets, you need a model with strong enough suction to manage all that extra material. If you have an abundance of high-pile, shag-type carpet, your vacuum may become overworked.

They Offer Cordless Convenience

The battery life on robot vacuums ranges from 30 minutes to two hours, with most units remaining fully active for at least 60 minutes. In addition to comparing battery life, it’s helpful to learn the length of time needed to recharge and how much room the charging station requires. Most people place the docking unit in an out-of-the-way corner.

They Refresh and Cleanse the Air

If you have allergies or pets with a lot of fur or dander, you might want to look for a model with an advanced filtration system. Vacuum cleaners by bObsweep use HEPA filters to keep your house fresh, removing microscopic particles of dust from the air while it vacuums floors.

They’re Smart

Imagine being able to start your vacuum from work and have it complete its cycle before you and your company arrive home. iRobot Roomba has several app controlled models, while other connected robot vacuums are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

If Wi-Fi connectivity is not as important to you, look for a less expensive model that can be started with the push of a button or scheduled daily or weekly to complete tasks.

They Navigate Around Objects

What do your rooms resemble? An obstacle course or a wide-open track? If you have the former, look for units with features like advanced sensors, virtual walls and customized cleaning maps to avoid rescuing your robot from chair legs and tight corners. Match the height clearance on your furniture with the vacuum; some compact models can squeeze under sofas and beds without a problem.

They Can’t Do It All

While the robot vacuum cleaner will happily spend its days ridding your floor of dust, pet hair and other debris, you may eventually have to help a little with tight areas or large spills. A multipurpose hand vac can easily fulfill these needs; keep a cordless one nearby for a quick cleanup. Stick vacuums are lightweight cleaning tools, and their attachments make them great for stairways, walls and even ceiling fans.

Give yourself the gift of time and a clean house with a robot vacuum from Walmart Canada. Models are more affordable than ever, and you’ll be amazed at the debris that gets picked up daily. Just sit back, relax and watch the vacuum do its thing.



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