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Bring Home the Power of a Steam Mop

Some people love to have really clean floors but don't have the time or capacity to get down and scrub them by hand. Luckily, there are better, more efficient options. A steam mop lets you harness the power of steam to get your hard floors spotless, and some models make it easy to clean other surfaces by switching to a detachable handheld steamer. Some with portable handhelds also have specialized tools for cleaning other hard surfaces such as sinks, countertops and grout. Shop for steam mops and other accessories at Walmart Canada.

The Power of Steam

Use a floor steam cleaner with on-demand steam to dispense the perfect amount of steam right where you want it. There are a variety of styles, so you can get the one that makes things simplest in your home. You can even find steam mops with swivel steering and a triangle foot that manoeuvre around corners and edges gracefully. Of course, you may still prefer a dustpan and whisk broom for smaller messes, and you can find those at Walmart Canada too. We even have a wide selection of upright vacuums to fulfill all your floor care needs.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

When you have tough messes, a steam mop that comes with a complete cleaning system can help sanitize your floors with the power of steam, chemical free. Many units have powerful heating elements and ample water tanks that let you work up to 45 minutes or longer without having to refill them. Variable steam controls and modes adjust the steam level to your exact preference. Child locks and automatic shut off when the tank is empty make these products safe and convenient. Cleaning without harsh chemicals may protect your pets, family and the environment.

Multipurpose Floor Cleaners

A hybrid steam cleaner gives you multiple ways to clean floors in your home or business. Vacuum dry debris from a hardwood floor or steam and sanitize tile floors as needed. For carpets, these versatile models vacuum and steam at the same time. Because our models forego harsh chemicals, they're safe for all types of flooring, including ceramic, vinyl, sealed hardwood, granite and marble. Look for models with washable pads for added cleanliness. To take care of all your cleaning needs, such as bathroom cleaning agents and glass cleaning supplies, come to Walmart Canada to make your whole home sparkle.

Pet Mess Cleaners

Some multi-surface cleaners specialize in pet messes and help you eliminate 99.99% of germs and bacteria while you get rid of sticky messes. Look for models with a removable handheld cleaner for above-floor messes for pets that like to explore countertops and appliances. Scrub brush attachments help you tackle tougher pet messes without touching them.  Powerful odour-eliminating steam helps rid your house of pet smells. Pet stain and odour removing products also help keep your space smelling fresh wherever your cat or dog roams.

Spot Cleaners

An all-in-one portable steam cleaner helps you kill germs and sanitize surfaces upstairs and down quickly. You can even bring it along to clean your vacation rental or home. Pressurized steam with a safety lock provides the best chemical-free results by cutting through mould, grease, grout debris and stains. Handheld steam cleaners with a rapid warm-up cycle emit hot steam for up to 20 minutes so you can finish the entire job without refilling the water tank. Many models are hardy enough to use in your restaurant or retail space, and you can get a variety of commercial cleaning supplies at your nearest Walmart Canada

Handheld steamers aren't just for spot-cleaning floors. You can use them safely on refrigerators, stoves, countertops, windows, shower curtains, litter boxes, car seats, barbecues and many other surfaces when used as directed. Be sure to check out Walmart Canada's wide selection of car cleaning supplies, such as squeegees, dusters and wipes, so your car and home are both sanitary and spotless.

Steam Mop Accessories

Steam mops often come with washable pads for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. You can find replacement wipes and pads online or in-store along with other great accessories, including customized micro-scrubbing brushes and cleaning kits.




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