Cordless Vacuums & Stick Vacuums


Stick Vacuums for Keeping Small Spaces Tidy

Stick vacuums offer a few tremendous advantages over their full-size counterparts: weight, overall size and portability. These ultra light vacuums let you keep all floor types neat and tidy, from bare bathroom linoleum to the most plush carpet. Find a wide selection of stick vacuums when you shop with Walmart Canada.

Choose Stick Vacuums for Convenience

Even though larger vacuums can provide powerful cleaning ability, stick vacuums offer comparable cleaning power in a smaller, more compact package. These versatile ultra-light vacuums are capable of cleaning multiple floor types, including hardwood, carpet and linoleum, making them excellent tools for picking up dirt all over your home.

Stick vacuums are usually bagless, so there are fewer ongoing costs, and it makes it easy to empty the collection canister by hand when it's full. Their motors have enough suction power to make quick cleaning work of allergens and other particulates.

For ultra-quick cleanups, some stick vacuums convert to handheld ones, so you can clean stairs, curtains or furniture of lingering pet hair and debris. These detachable hand vacuums are also great for vacuuming your vehicle or boat.

Cordless Vacuums Offer Portability

Stick vacuums weigh significantly less than traditional upright vacuums, so you can carry them from room to room and use them anywhere you like. Look for cordless vac models that come with included batteries, which will need recharging from time to time. Some also may include a docking station for mounting the unit when you're finished tidying up.

Other models, such as those from Shark, come with a cord, so you don't need to worry about recharging batteries. Many corded stick vacuum models have plenty of leeway, so you can keep it plugged in at one spot as you tidy up.

Look for models with ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold and help provide a secure grip as you clean, and some may come with extra attachments for reaching high places, such as crown moulding or the tops of windows.

Easy Manoeuvrability

Another great benefit to stick vacuums is how easy they are to move around as you clean. Search for models with swivel steering features that make it easy to access hard to reach areas, such as in corners or under furniture. Many models are also equipped with easy-glide wheels, such as those from BISSELL, that help the unit roll smoothly over all types of surfaces.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Smaller Spaces

If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have a lot of closet space to keep a vacuum around, which is why a stick vacuum is a great choice. Shop for models that are designed to hang neatly on the wall, so you can tuck it away when it's not in use. 

Choose a stick vacuum in your favourite colour, as many of them come in appealing shades such as red, gold or purple to suit your tastes.

Deep Cleaning Power

Look for stick vacuums with powerful brush heads that dig deep down into carpet fibres to help leave them free of dirt and debris. Some Dyson models, for instance, come with an included HEPA filter for capturing allergens and minute particles, so not only are you cleaning your carpets, but you're also helping to improve your home's air quality.




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