Vacuum Accessories


Vacuum Accessories Make Cleaning More Convenient

Make the most of your essential cleaning tools with vacuum accessories that extend your reach, add functionality and keep everything running smoothly. Whether you're using an upright vacuum, canister model or robotic floor vacuum, accessories expand the capabilities of your go-to cleaning appliance. Find vacuum attachments and accessories at Walmart Canada to fit your machine.

Vacuum Bags to Keep Dust and Debris Contained

Stock up on vacuum bags that collect dirt, allergens and dust in a contained space inside your vacuum for easy disposal. Because bags for vacuum cleaners are specific to each make or model, check for compatibility before choosing a pack of replacement bags. Search by brand to find bags that work with vacuums by Eureka, Hoover or Bissell to ensure a perfect fit.

Attachment Tools for Specialty Cleaning

Vacuum attachments add versatility to your cleaning routine. Choose individual vacuum accessories that hook onto the edge of your wand and replace your brush head when you need to access hard-to-reach areas of the room, or get a full set of attachment tools and stay prepared for a variety of cleaning needs.

Dust brushes help keep ledges and mantles clean, while upholstery brushes make it easy to clean mattresses, couches and drapes. Use a long wand to reach high fixtures or tall shelves. A crevice tool snaps onto your vacuum hose or wand to efficiently suction dirt out of tight corners, and bendable heads expand your reach into previously inaccessible places. Seek out a flat vacuum attachment to clean underneath cabinets, sofas or refrigerators without having to move heavy furniture and appliances.

Replacement Filters to Keep Indoor Air Clean

When your vacuum recirculates air back into your room, vacuum filters help prevent tiny pieces of dust and microscopic allergens from escaping the collection chamber. Washable filters save money by letting you reuse a single filter multiple times, and HEPA filters offer reliable capture of the tiniest particles. Filters designed specifically for households with pets excel at removing cat or dog hair and dander from the air flowing through.

Belts and Parts for Vacuum Repair

Replacement belts, batteries and motor assemblies let you complete home repairs on your vacuum. Save time and money fixing your own canister or upright vacuum cleaner with parts ordered directly from Walmart Canada instead of bringing it into the shop. Stretchy vacuum hoses replace existing worn-down hoses, and replacement brush heads help maintain reliable performance.

Deep Cleaning Compounds to Tackle Embedded Messes

Pet odours and sticky messes often require deep cleaning with a carpet shampooer. Concentrated specialty formulas help your machine remove smells and stains. Scented cleaning solutions leave your room smelling fresh and pleasant, while deep clean liquids crafted to remove pet stains often include ingredients that seal the fibres of your carpet to help keep future messes from sticking. Powdered carpet cleaners that you can sprinkle on and vacuum up during normal cleaning sessions help keep your room smelling good between deep cleanings.

Vacuum Accessories for Robotic Vacuums

Maintain your robotic floor cleaner with vacuum accessories designed specifically for these devices. Replacement bristle brushes and side brushes let you easily swap out a piece with worn-down bristles so your robot vacuum continues to work efficiently, and extra batteries prevent unwanted down time. Wet mopping pads attach to your robotic vacuum to enable wet cleaning of hard floors, and additional charge cradles give your vacuum extra places to dock.




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