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Upgrading Stock Car Audio Equipment

If you've recently gotten a new car, or perhaps you wish to upgrade your current vehicle's stereo, Walmart Canada can help set you up with car audio upgrades and accessories. People often spend a lot of time in their cars; with long commute times and road trips during vacations, it is important to have a sound system that can keep up with your lifestyle needs. Often people find that stock car stereos aren't the greatest quality, which can lead to inferior sounds and, eventually, speakers that blow out. With automotive speaker upgrades to automotive amplifiers, satellite radio kits and more, can help you achieve the sound quality you deserve in your vehicle.

Built-In Bluetooth - Listen To Music Straight From Your Phone

Not every new vehicle comes equipped with Bluetooth functionality, but there are affordable options to choose from for car audio upgrades. With a wireless stereo, you can sync your media device (any Bluetooth enabled audio player) directly with your sound system and play exactly what you want to hear. If you aren't looking to upgrade your entire car's sound system, you can also choose from a selection of Bluetooth enabled receivers that plug in directly to the audio port in your car. These receivers allow for Bluetooth functionality without the expense of changing your stereo. Another benefit is that these receivers are mobile, which means you can take them with you from car to car, so no matter where you're travelling, as long as you have an audio port in the vehicle, you can listen to your own music.

For individuals who are looking for wired connections, Walmart Canada also sells USB aux cables, in addition to regular auxiliary cables so that you can directly connect your phone straight to your car speakers. If you are looking to upgrade your car's deck or display, also has a variety of single din and double din car stereo units that often have Bluetooth functionality, as well as some that include touchscreens. Single din units are generally 180 x 50mm, while double din units are 180 x 100mm; be sure you measure your current system to be certain you purchase the correct upgrade.

Upgrade the Family Vehicle with In-Car Video

Many families are looking for ways to save money while on vacation and a family road trip is sometimes chosen in favour of expensive flights and resorts. Make the most of your time together by helping to ensure that the drive is peaceful and fun with a Bluetooth DVD player or an in-car video player. When the kids are occupied and happy, it can help keep the journey from feeling stressful. Be sure to stock up on your favourite DVDs and Blu-ray discs before heading out on your adventures with the kids.

And don't forget to bring along some smacks! A selection of chips and snacks, granola bars and snack bars, and other packaged foods are great for travel and will help keep everyone from getting hungry and cranky.

No matter what your car accessory needs are, whether it's speaker upgrades, a new system, or great in-car video options, has a selection of offerings to help meet your needs.




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