Power Inverters


Stay in Control of Your Power 

Keeping your appliances connected to a power source is never a problem when you've got the right inverter. While we are used to plugging our electronics into built-in electrical outlets in our homes, that isn't always possible. You may lose electricity during a power outage, for example, or an emergency that prevents access to outlets. Doing mechanical work in the backyard, camping, living off the grid -- these are all times when you might need to use a battery to get those appliances working. Some families experimenting with environmentally friendly options such as solar power may also need an inverter to convert power from the sun into usable energy. 

While batteries give DC power, most appliances and electronics run on AC power. In order to make things work, you need a power inverter. Thankfully, there is a range of options available through Walmart Canada. Our store can fulfill your needs whether you need a small portable power source or an elaborate setup. Check out what's online to convert DC power to AC. If you're new to the idea of using different power supply options, here are some things you may want to know.

Modified Sine Versus Pure Sine

While browsing the device's features, you may see mention of modified sine or pure sine. This refers to how the power converts from DC to AC. DC stands for direct current, while AC stands for alternating current. In order to make your systems work, you have to convert the DC voltage to an AC wave that goes up and down, over and under 0 volts. With a modified sine inverter, this transition is choppy, resulting in reduced performance. Pure sine is a smooth wave that should create a consistent stream of power.

Modified sine is acceptable for older electronics, like television sets with a picture tube. However, most modern electronics won't work without a pure sine wave, so consider your options carefully if you want to power laptops, printers, medical equipment, heaters and other necessary items. Thankfully, Walmart Canada has a wide range of power inverters for you to choose from, so you can find the item with the right specs for your home project. 

One-Stop Shop for Accessories

When shopping for power options at Walmart Canada, you can browse our selection of add-ons and accessories that make it easy for you to get started. We have a selection of generators, adapters, batteries, wires and everything else you need to connect your inverter to its power source. Perfect for the hobbyist or the expert mechanic, Walmart Canada's collection of items lets you take charge of your power options at home or on the go.

Affordable Options on Home Equipment

Many of our customers are constantly trying to improve their home and seek value in everything they buy. We are committed to affordable and convenient solutions on equipment that make every home project satisfying. If you are on the market to create a portable power system or an emergency backup for your home, come and see what Walmart Canada has to offer. 




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