Car Seat Covers


Car Seat Covers to Keep Your Interior Fresh

After years of accidental coffee and food spills, it doesn't take long for your car seats to look a little dirty. Using a car seat cover helps keep your vehicle looking younger by preventing stains and creating a protective barrier between your seat and food particles. At, you can find an array of different car seat covers and other interior accessories like floor mats or air fresheners to keep your car smelling and looking fresh.

Also, consider steering wheel covers and console covers that reduce wear on other parts of your interior, helping your entire car stay nice and clean. 

Reduce the Stains in Your Car

Replacing ruined car seats can cost you hundreds of dollars, if not more. A much cheaper option is to get a cover before the stains start since it's much less expensive to replace a cover than the seat itself.

Also, the color of your vehicle's interior can make a huge difference. Dark fabrics hide stains well. If your car has a lighter fabric, those stains will show up bright as day. Walmart Canada offers multiple styles, including darker colors that conceal stains well, keeping your interior looking fresh for longer. 

Universal and Custom Fit Seat Covers

In Walmart Canada's auto parts department, you'll find affordable prices for high-quality seat protectors. You can choose between two types. Universal car seat covers act as a protective drape over your seat to prevent spills and stains forming on your car seat. It's a cheap way to protect your interior, and if you're buying it for somebody else's vehicle, you don't have to worry about the exact model.

If you want a style that's more snug and tight, custom fit seat covers are your best options. These seat protectors will match the original seams for the make, model, and year of your car to fit as perfectly as possible. For example, if you're buying a cover for the seats in your truck, a universal seat cover may not fit tightly if it's also designed for seats in a sedan. Purchasing a truck seat cover designed specifically for your vehicle will give it a look that's tailored and crisp.

Car and Truck Seat Cushions

If you have a bad back or if your legs get sore and numb on long drives, you can find a car seat cushion at to help support your body. Unlike cloth seat covers that function to reduce the wear and tear on your seat, seat cushions aid in making your trip more comfortable.

If you'd like to give one of these covers as a gift, consider a gift card. That way, your special someone will be able to pick out the exact style and colour they prefer for their specific vehicle. You can never go wrong with gift cards!

Customize Your Interior

Car seat covers are a great way to customize your vehicle and give it a look that better represents your personality. At, you'll find an array of designs like camo seat covers or Hawaiian print. If you have an outdoor enthusiast in your family, Mossy Oak covers have incredibly realistic-looking camouflage designs that will make the interior of your vehicle pop. 

Your vehicle is one of the largest investments in your life, so you want to keep it looking new for as long as you can. High quality auto seat covers help save you money and precious time you'd otherwise spend fixing your interior. Visit Walmart Canada today and get your car looking like new again!




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