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Keep Your Tires in Top Shape

Car maintenance isn't easy for every vehicle owner, but it doesn't have to be a chore. With a selection of pressure gauges, pumps, and repair kits, and tires for sale, Walmart Canada gets you on the way to keeping your car in top shape. When the time comes to change your tires or swap out your wheel covers, you can choose from stylish and practical options. Best of all, it's affordable and easy to shop for all of your automotive needs.

Maintenance for Automotive Health

Vehicle components wear over time, but there are ways that you can extend the life of your tires. Most car owners regularly visit repair shops to have their tires rotated to balance wear and tear that comes from regular driving. When they're rotated, balanced, and aligned, it makes for a better driving experience. Regular auto maintenance keeps your car at its best, which can lead to better fuel efficiency for your vehicle. Keeping your tires maintained is an important part of auto maintenance. Be sure to check your tires regularly for excessive wear or damage to help keep your car running safely.

Pressure Matters

Perhaps you've had a road force balancing at your auto shop and discovered your tires were over or underinflated. If so, you'll know how regular wear can show up on those treads. Overinflated tires may wear in the middle because there's a slight curve in the shape of the tire. Underinflation means more of the tire touches the road and wears out the rubber faster than it should. In short, the wrong pressure can affect performance.

Pressure can be monitored using a gauge and adjusted using an inflation pump. This is an important process, not just because of the possible need for replacement, but also because the wrong pressure can cause you to burn more fuel. Underinflation causes rolling resistance, meaning you use more gas to get the car running the way you want it to. At Walmart Canada, you can find what you need to read your air pressure and the equipment to make necessary adjustments.

Wheel Covers for a Better Look

Your wheel covers are a big part of your car's overall look. When they become worn or faded, you may want to upgrade to a new set. There are many options to choose from, including sports car designs and larger covers made for bigger tires. With new wheel covers, you keep your car up-to-date with the current trends. You also ensure your wheels have the quality covers they need for a secure and safe fit. At our stores and online, you'll have no problem finding a full range of parts you need to install and maintain your covers.

Buying New Tires For Your Vehicle

When the weather changes during the year, it’s a good idea to consider whether you need to purchase seasonal tires for the winter or the summer. Some people believe that all-season tires are sufficient for their needs and, while these tires are good for most wet and dry conditions, seasonal tires give added benefits, as they are built specifically for their respective weather conditions. Summer tires offer extra traction during the warmer months and are meant to be more responsive to the road, at the expense of having shallower tread. Winter tires have deeper tread and are often made from rubber that is better suited to colder conditions. These tires help increase safety and drivability during snowy and icy winter conditions.

Whether you drive a light truck, sports car, or family vehicle, Walmart Canada has the auto supplies for you. Check out our selection of wet and dry, all-season, summer, and winter tires for sale to find your best option. From us, you can expect affordable prices and easy shopping for all your automotive needs.




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