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Picking Out Baby Gear for Your New Arrival

Few things in this world are as overwhelming as trying to shop for baby gear for a child that hasn't been born yet. What are the must-haves? What can you not live without when it comes to entertaining, caring for and keeping your baby safe? At Walmart Canada, we've tried to narrow down our collection of baby gear into helpful categories, so you can find exactly what you need.

Baby Gear for Entertaining

Playmats and baby gyms can help keep baby entertained in a safe way. They're excellent choices for tummy time, which allow your baby to develop strong shoulder and neck muscles while promoting motor skills as they learn to hold their heads up. Choose playmats covered in colourful animals, shapes and letters that are stimulating and fun to look at. Many are made from comfortable, cushioning foam materials that are easy to clean.

Baby gyms provide a soft padded surface where baby can lay on their backs and look up and reach for dangling animals and other fun objects that promote sensory stimulation. Lightweight and made of colourful cloth, they can easily be carried between rooms in your home. Many also come with built-in prop pillows that are perfect for baby during tummy time.

Bouncers and rockers can offer sensory stimulation opportunities through visual cues, bright colours, familiar characters and other soft objects to keep baby entertained while you cook dinner or tidy up the house. They range from full activity centers from brands such as Fisher-Price to more simple bouncers from brands like BabyBjorn. Baby bouncers and jumpers can help provide exercise and allow your child to be active safely.

Baby Gear for Safe Play

Choose playpens and play yards to give your older baby a safe place to play with toys on their own. Playpens are typically very portable, so you can take it into whichever room in the house you need to be in, while the high walls ensure your baby is safely contained. You can even bring playpens outside for baby to get some fresh air while you relax alongside them.

Most playpens are made from sturdy materials with soft, cushioned floors and canvas or mesh walls. Some may offer extra protection from the sun as well thanks to built-in shaders.

Car Seats and Booster Seats

Car seats and booster seats are essential equipment for travelling safely with baby, whether to visit grandparents or out to run errands. Choose a model that's the right size for your child. Many car seats double as infant carriers, so you can take them out of the car while your child remains in their seat after you arrive at your destination. Some car seats are even made to convert to accommodate growing children.

Baby Gear for Soothing

For those times when your baby feels fussy, you'll want to have some items on hand to help quell their cries. Pacifiers are a great choice for this, as it can encourage your baby's natural sucking instinct and can help soothe them when they're feeling unhappy. Most pacifiers are made from silicone or other materials that resemble a bottle's nipple. They feel comfortable and familiar for your baby, and they are also easy to clean and sterilize. You can choose from a wide variety of differently shaped pacifiers in appealing colours and patterns.

Slings, wraps and baby carriers can let you keep your baby close while maintaining the use of both your hands. Many are made from soft fabrics designed that should keep you and baby comfortable, and some allow your child to face out to see the world while others have them face you for cuddling and warmth.

Some baby carriers, such as those from Baby K'Tan, can let you wear your baby in multiple positions without buckles or other fasteners. These types of baby carriers can help promote attachment between mom or dad and baby.

Other types of baby carriers hold your baby in a natural, ergonomic sitting position, such as those from Ergobaby. A padded waist belt can help ensure baby's weight is evenly distributed, while cushioned shoulder straps keep you comfortable.

Get ready for the exciting arrival of your little one when you shop for baby gear from Walmart Canada.




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