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Relieve Back Pressure with Baby Carriers and Slings

Baby carriers can provide parents with a secure, comfortable way to hold children, from tiny newborns up to toddlers. Check out's extensive selection of baby wraps, slings and carriers so you can cuddle and transport your little one safely and conveniently. These carriers can be used by mom and dad, and they take up minimal space in your car or diaper bag.

Find the Baby Carrier that Best Suits Your Needs

Most newborns are born with an inherent need for swaddling and cuddling. Once you are ready to venture out with your infant, slings, wraps and carriers may help them maintain this naturally soothing sense of closeness. Although similar in use, carriers usually have defined leg openings, adjustable straps and depending on the design, may be worn in the front or back. Baby K'Tan has carriers that offer the flexibility of a wrap without the buckling and adjusting of straps. Chimparoo Ring Slings are made from a long piece of fabric held between two adjustable rings, which creates a variety of carrying positions. The age and weight of your child, your destination, and the length of time you plan to wear the device all help define which carrier you choose.

Advantages of Using a Baby Carrier or Wrap

  • Promote healthy bonding: Woven wraps can help provide the person-to-person contact baby's crave while keeping them safe, warm and as close to their parent as possible. Nursing moms can use the excess material to discretely shield themselves during feeding times, then adjust the wrap so their baby can drift off to sleep. In the privacy of your home, you can even carry your infant skin-to-skin to help relieve colic symptoms.
  • Improve sibling interaction: Parents with multiple children know that toddlers and preschoolers do not slow down with the arrival of a brother or sister. Baby slings can let you play games and interact with older children while still keeping the new arrival with you at all times.
  • Control stranger exposure: A baby wrap may let you dictate who comes in contact with your baby. There may be occasions when you want to bring your newborn along but don't like the idea of others holding or touching your child's hands and face. Wearing your baby is the ideal solution, letting everyone see your new bundle of joy without feeling obligated to hand over your child to a pair of open arms.
  • Hands-Free browsing: Shopping with a child in tow is much simpler when they are securely attached to you. Many store aisles are just too narrow for large strollers, and with your baby carrier, you won't need to worry about finding elevators and ramps. Your hands are free to examine the merchandise, and you don't have to worry about little hands reaching items they shouldn't.
  • Outdoor adventures: As your youngster grows, baby carriers such as those by Ergobaby become a welcome respite for tired toddler legs. Your youngster has a bird's eye view of the world around them, and they can enjoy it more without trying to keep up with mom or dad. Also, adding 20 pounds to your daily walks ups the fitness level considerably. Baby carriers are designed to evenly distribute the weight, protecting neck and back muscles while still letting you get a good workout.

Safety is Always the Top Priority

Make sure your child's nose and mouth are uncovered at all times, and if you are new to sling or wrap wearing, have someone assist you the first couple of times. Follow all the provided instructions to ensure your child is seated correctly and that you are using the correct facing — forward or rear — for their height and weight. Always be conscious of the weight you are carrying and take a little extra precaution while climbing stairs or walking on icy pathways.

With a little practice, you can use baby wraps and carriers while handling all your daily errands and tasks and still provide that one-on-one closeness so important in parenting.




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