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A Baby Bouncer Lets Your Baby Move

A baby bouncer is a popular item in many parents’ nurseries. Generations of parents have used these simple items to let babies amuse themselves for a short time while mom tidies up or cooks dinner. As every mother knows, those moments are rare, and when they occur, they’re lifesavers. Modern bouncers come with many options, and parents should do their research before making a decision.

What Is a Bouncer?

At its most basic, a baby bouncer is a seat that bounces. The frame has a give that makes it bounce or rock when your baby kicks their legs and the rocking motion should help many babies sleep. A bouncer can allow you to safely put your baby down during the day, and as it's a very portable item, you can move your baby from room to room as you do laundry, shower or catch up with your favourite show. Bouncers are relatively inexpensive, making them a great choice for your nursery.

How to Choose the Right Bouncer?

Modern bouncer seats come with a wide range of options, making it confusing for parents to choose. You should start by looking at the features that enhance your baby’s safety. Look for a wide base that’s low to the ground that should stop the seat from tipping over if your child leans to the side. A harness can keep your baby in place; a three-point harness is good, but a five-point harness that includes straps over the shoulders should add another level of security.

Next, consider your baby’s comfort. A comfortable seat is important, and if you have one that reclines for early days and can be adjusted as your child grows, you may get more use out of it. Some brands such as BabyBjorn even have styles that convert into toddler seats. Don’t forget to make things easy for you: a removable seat or seat cover that’s machine-washable can let you easily clean up messes.

Lastly, think about the entertainment options. Many include toy bars, perfect for tactile babies who love to have something to grab. Mobiles can provide visual stimulation, and bouncer seats with musical options allow babies to make music and can help their development.

Using Your Baby Bouncer Safely

For all parents, their baby's safety is of paramount importance. Baby bouncers are generally very safe, but these tips can help your baby avoid injury when using one. Firstly, check the maximum weight your model can handle and stop using it once your baby is too heavy. In general, you should stop using a bouncer once your baby can pull themselves up and roll over because they may tip the bouncer while trying to roll.

Always place the bouncer on the floor. It can shift with your baby’s movements, and if you place a baby bouncer on a table or bench top, it may move straight over the edge. Also, keep it away from potential hazards like heat vents, cords and windows. Check the bounce seat for dangers as well. Wear and tear could lead to the exposure of a sharp edge, so make sure the seat is soft and comfortable for your baby.

Lastly, remember to balance time in the bouncer with time on the floor. Tummy and floor time can help your baby develop their muscles and may encourage them to roll over, crawl and eventually walk, so make sure they get plenty of opportunities to play on their activity mat.

Jumpers and Other Options

Some parents prefer a baby swing to help get baby to sleep. Swings generally run on batteries to keep rocking your baby, which is great for little ones who like constant motion as they’re falling asleep. As your infant grows older, you may wish to consider a baby jumper like Jolly Jumper. These attach to a frame or doorway and hold your baby in an upright position, letting them bounce on their legs. Much like a bounce seat, time in a jumper should be balanced with time on the floor so your child continues to reach crawling and walking milestones. Activity centres are also a good option. They have a wide range of toys to keep your child occupied and can encourage their senses and motor skills to develop.




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