Playmats & Baby Gyms


Playmats & Baby Gyms for Your Active Baby

As many new parents will attest, an infant is a bundle of energy in a tiny package. A playmat or baby gym can give your little one a safe and fun way to release some of this energy. A baby gym and some playmats make a fantastic addition to your baby's playpen, giving them a novel space to play with all of their favourite infant toys. Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of playmats and gyms that both you and your baby will love.

What Are the Different Types of Baby Gyms & Play Mats?

Simple, soft playmats provide an easy way to keep your baby off cold floors while they get some tummy time. They are typically made out of foam or other cushioning materials. Basic playmats allow your baby to build up their arm and neck strength on a warm, safe and comfortable surface.

Baby gyms offer more of an interactive play time for when your baby is on their back. They feature one or two arches that an array of toys is suspended from, encouraging your baby to reach, grab and improve their hand-eye coordination. Baby activity gyms allow your baby to explore a plethora of new colours, shapes and sounds.

Puzzle and activity mats are a great choice for toddlers and young children who are starting to learn things such as colours, numbers, shapes, animals and letters. They feature fun activities and alluring designs that encourage your child to learn and grow. Some mats even feature a layout of a village or a city to inspire creative play, while others play musical tunes when stepped on!

What Are the Benefits of a Baby Playmat?

Babies are born to learn, and playing with mats and activity gyms are designed to stimulate that natural drive. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect playmat for any stage of your infant's development. It's a great find when you have a baby toy that engages children in such a creative way, encouraging all of the senses to work together. The right floor mat will get them used to tummy time when they are just a few months old, and you can upgrade to more interactive and educational activity mats to encourage their brain development as they get older.

Not only can playmats and baby gyms improve your baby's motor skills, but they are also great for teaching independent play. Just give your baby their favourite pacifier, lay them down on a playmat or baby gym, and they will be happily occupied for a long time. Catch up on your favourite shows or get some household tasks out of the way while your infant enjoys their tummy or play nearby.

Walmart Canada Makes Playtime Easy!

Whether you’re looking for a soft and plush baby playmat for some tummy time or a baby gym to keep your baby active, Walmart Canada has you covered. Discover our selection of mats and gyms in an array of colours and designs, with textures and activities to engage your little one. To keep your baby entertained once floor time is done, don't forget to check out our selections of baby bouncers and playpens as well.





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