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Playpens & Play Yards: Keep Baby Close & Contained While They Nap or Play

A playpen, sometimes referred to a play yard or pack and play, is a highly useful and versatile piece of baby gear. It functions as an activity centre when your baby is awake and playful, keeping them safe and contained while you attend to other tasks. At Walmart Canada, we carry a variety of these play yards with all of the features you could want, from trusted brands such as Graco and Evenflo. You'll have no trouble finding one for your infant with all the features you desire.

The Benefits of Baby Playpens

Playpens offer parents and their littles ones a myriad of benefits. They keep baby close, contained and entertained, while you tackle other duties nearby. Just place your little one inside along with some of their favourite infant toys, and they can keep playing.

Another benefit of a baby playpen or play yards is that they usually very portable. This allows you to move it into any room you need to spend time in, so you can continue to keep an eye on your little one. You can even bring them outside to the yard or porch,enabling baby get some sun and fresh air while you garden, do some yard work, or simply relax alongside them.

While a proper crib should be your baby's permanent sleeping solution, a playpen offers a safe and cozy place for them to take a nap in the middle of the day. You can even use it as a temporary bed while travelling, visiting grandparents or staying at hotels.

Choosing a Baby Playpen or Play Yard

The features that you should consider in a baby playpen will depend largely on how you intend to use it.

Portability: If you plan touse your playpen as a travel bed, or just want to move it from room to room on a daily basis, then you'll want one that comes with sturdy wheels and is made from lightweight materials. A foldable design may be beneficial as well. However, if it is going to stay mostly in one place, then portability can be less of a priority.

SizeIf you intend to place your playpen in a larger open room or outside, consider a bigger playpen that can fit your child, and even a sibling or two. If your space is smaller, we also carry a variety of playpens designed to accommodate one baby.   

Features: Regardless of size, different playpens offer different features. Many come with a handy gate that hinges open for easy entry and exit. Or, if your infant likes to admire and play with mobiles, then consider a design that allows one to be easily attached. Don't want to walk across your house to the nursery to change a diaper? Consider a playpen that comes with an integrated changing table! Models with extra storage pockets provide a great place to keep items, such as toys, diapers and other important baby supplies.

Find Essential Baby Gear at Amazing Prices

If you think that a playpen or play yard would make a good addition to your home, then Walmart Canada has you covered with all the different types you might want. With our wide selection of essential baby gear, we are here to help you set up a nursery that meets yours needs at an affordable price.




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