Bath Time & Skin Care for Baby

Baby Bath Time & Skin Care Tips & Ideas


Create Good Grooming Habits with Baby Bath Products

Baby bath products can help new parents master the fine art of grooming their tiny bundle of joy. Regular nail, teeth and skin care can prevent problems from developing such as facial scratches, cradle cap and diaper rash. Parents who pass along good grooming habits to their children are preparing them for success as clean, well-functioning adults. has the tools to make baby grooming faster and easier. 

Tiny Tools for Tiny Hands and Feet

Cutting fingernails and toenails is often more traumatic for moms and dads than for the child. Baby's nails grow quickly, and one jagged edge can soon cause a scratched nose or cheek. To prevent your child from injury, keep their nails well-trimmed and smooth.

  • Cut nails after bath time when they are at their softest.
  • Choose the tool that works best for you, clippers or scissors.
  • Push the skin pad back to reach the white part of the nail.
  • Follow the natural curve of fingernails but clip straight across toenails.
  • Afterwards, smooth any rough edges with a fine emery board.

Oral Hygiene Begins Early

Start taking care of your child's mouth even before their first tooth erupts. After feedings, gently wipe gums with a soft washcloth or a dampened gauze pad to help your little one get used to oral cleaning procedures. You can continue to use the washcloth or gauze even after a few teeth have appeared. Eventually, you can work up to a soft bristle brush but stay with water until your pediatrician tells you differently.

Once your child learns how to spit properly, they should be well on their way to a lifetime of good oral health. Games, timers and fun toddler toothbrushes can help older kids get into the spirit of cleaning their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Keep Nostrils Free of Debris

Before bringing your baby home from the hospital make sure you have a nasal aspirator in the house. Whether it's an electric model, a manual bulb syringe or a tube-sucking device, these handy tools can make clearing nasal canals easy for you and your child. It's best to become familiar with these devices before the need arrives as tiny noses can quickly become filled with excess nasal mucus. Clean the outer edge of nostrils with wet wipes, Boogie Wipes or soft washcloths.

Make Baby Bath Time Fun

Walmart Canada has an extensive selection of baby bath tubs, toys and accessories to make sure your baby's bath time is fun and safe. Experiment to see which product works best for your style of sink or bath tub.

  • Preparation is the key to a relaxed and stress-free baby bath experience. Make sure you have everything within reach including body wash, shampoo, a towel and a plastic glass or bucket.
  • Fill the tub with just a few inches of warm water. Test this on your wrist and remember that your baby's skin is more sensitive than yours to heat and cold. Faucet covers can help prevent accidental bumps especially as kids become more active.
  • Lightly wash your child's body using a soft washcloth and a gentle baby bath cleanser. Pay particular attention to skin folds especially the ones around the neck where milk may collect.
  • Wash hair using a no-tear shampoo formula and use the cup to rinse while keeping excess water from running down into eyes and ears.
  • Place your child on a warm towel and gently pat dry remembering to dry folds as well.

Oh! That New Baby Smell

There's something special about the aroma of a freshly washed baby. It's impossible to bottle, and it's something you'll always remember as your child grows. can help keep your baby's skin soft and sweet-smelling with a complete line of baby skin care products. Look for gentle cleansers, tear-free shampoos and petroleum jelly to help eczema-prone infants.

Using the above tips and products from's baby bath department, you can start your little one on the path to good hygiene and health that'll last their lifetime.

Make bath time with your little one fun, safe and efficient with baby bath and skincare essentials from Browse tubs, toys, towels and more and get these delivered easily through our online grocery delivery.





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