Low prices every day on Baby Bath & Skin Care at Walmart.ca

Laughing and splashing with your baby during bath time hardly seems like work, but caring for your baby’s skin and ensuring you have the proper items to care for your little munchkin is important. Whether it’s baby oral care or baby skin care, choosing the right products will ensure healthy early years for your baby.

A baby bath tub is great for bathing a little one who likes to squirm and move during bath time. Baby tubs come in a range of different styles including folding tubs and reclining tubs that allow you to bathe your little one as you see fit. 

After bathing baby, they are going to need to be properly dried off. Good washcloths & towels come in a wide range of styles and affordable multi-packs that will allow you to dry off baby sufficiently without skin irritation.

It’s all about making bath time fun, safe, and productive!




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