Baby Bath Tubs & Bath Seats


Baby Bath Seat Options for a Safe Bath Time Experience

When it comes to bathing your infant, a baby bath seat can make the process safer and more efficient once your child is at the right developmental stage to use it. Younger infants who aren't ready for a bath seat may need a baby tub, while kids moving into the toddler stage might require bath mats or other accessories to stay safe while they wash up. No matter what stage infant you're dealing with, rely on Walmart Canada for all the baby bath accessories you need to keep your little one clean and comfortable.

Baby Bath Time Tips

The process of bathing a baby changes as the infant grows, so the must-have essentials also change. Newborns should only require sponge baths until the umbilical cord has fallen off. Once that milestone happens, a young baby may only need a bath about three times a week. Bathing more frequently can dry out sensitive skin. As long as you're cleaning and drying off your baby during diaper changes, that should be sufficient until your child starts making messes worthy of a daily bath.

Keep in mind that infants are much more sensitive to their environments than older kids, so water temperature is an important concern. Bath water should be lukewarm, not hot. A bath thermometer can let you see at a glance whether you need to warm or cool the water, and many come in cute designs that may attract your infant's attention.

Bathing your baby before a feeding instead of after can help prevent spit-ups in the bath, and many parents opt to give a baby a soothing bath right before settling the child into a standard or convertible crib for the night.

Deluxe Baby Tubs for Bath Time Support

Infants may need full-body support during bath time until they can sit up independently, which usually happens at around 4 to 6 months of age. At that point, your baby can transition from a baby bath tub to a bath seat in the regular tub.

For the littlest bathers, baby tubs can be a safe, comfortable option. Some tubs are designed specifically for newborns, while others come with accessories such as slings and reclining pads that accommodate every age from newborn to toddler. You can also find tubs that flip over to provide support for newborns on one side and a more spacious design for babies who can sit up on the other side. A good tub should provide sufficient support for a baby to lie comfortably without rolling off the edge while a parent applies baby shampoo or soap .

Choosing a Baby Bath Seat

Once your child is ready for a baby bath seat, the most important consideration is to find one that meets current safety standards. The entire purpose of a bath seat is to keep a wriggling, slippery baby safe at bath time, so seek out one that accomplishes that objective without being overly complicated.

Some bath seats for babies have suction cups that can hold the seat to the side walls of your tub for added stability, while others sit independently in a regular tub or toddler tub. Another option is to use a bath booster seat, which can elevate your child for a better reach during soaping up and rinsing off and should keep your sitting baby comfortable during the entire process. No matter which version you use, keep in mind that baby bath seats are designed for infants who aren't standing yet, so once your child moves on to that milestone, you should transition away from using a seat in the tub.

Helpful Bath Accessories

In addition to tubs and seats, there are plenty of helpful baby bath accessories that can simplify bath time and make it a more pleasant experience for infant and parent alike. Faucet guards may protect your little one from the edges of the bath spout, while bath toys can help keep your baby entertained and distracted. Put a bath mat on the tub floor to provide traction for a baby or toddler who wants to crawl or stand in the tub, and stock up on soft washcloths and towels to ensure a thorough washing and drying.

Babies of any age and stage need constant supervision in the bath, even when you're using a baby tub or bath seat. Parents should avoid leaving a baby alone in the tub even for a few moments.




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