Baby hooded bath towels & washcloths


Hooded Towels to Keep Your Little One Cozy and Dry

Hooded towels, baby washcloths and kid-friendly towel sets can treat delicate skin gently for a soft, snuggly bath time experience. Whether you're bathing your baby for the first time or treating a toddler to a fun bubble bath, the right towels may keep your little one comfortable during the cleaning and drying process. Find adorable hooded towels and washcloths designed for kids at Walmart Canada and have them delivered easily through our online grocery delivery.

Get Sensitive Skin Squeaky Clean

Baby washcloths can help you get dirt and debris off your infant's skin without any harsh scrubbing or scratching. Washcloths made of 100 percent cotton, a cotton blend or bamboo fibers may offer a good balance of softness, absorbency and durability over the course of repeated washings. Just add a bit of baby shampoo or body wash to the washcloth and gently rub to build up cleansing suds.

Infant washcloths come in handy for more than just washing. You can drape a wet washcloth over your baby's stomach for extra warmth while your infant reclines in the baby tub or use one as a burp cloth after feedings. Stock a supply of these soft and absorbent fabric squares around the house so you can grab one at a moment's notice whenever you need to wipe away drool or a bit of baby food.

If you're looking for a cute, convenient washcloth alternative, consider a baby bath mitt. These compact bath time accessories are made of the same absorbent materials as washcloths but fit over a parent's hand for easier handling.

Cute and Cuddly Hooded Towels

Wrap up a fun-filled bath with cuddly softness using hooded towels that surround your little one in plush, absorbent warmth. Because babies lose heat more easily than older kids, keeping your infant covered from head to toe is essential. The protective hood can keep heat from escaping via your baby's head, and the wrap-around corners of the towel fold over to swaddle your child in cozy comfort as the material wicks moisture away from delicate skin. 

Towels with hoods shaped like popular animated characters or adorable animals let older toddlers and preschoolers play pretend during the post-bath drying session. Engage your little one's interest with an elephant-themed hooded towel, or fill your child's mind with thoughts of farmhouse fun using a towel with a chicken-headed hood.

Coordinated towel sets with a matching baby towel and washcloths make great baby shower gifts for new parents. Always wash new towels and linens before using them for a baby to ensure that any debris from the manufacturing or packaging facility is completely gone.

Post-Bath Baby Routines

Wrapping a baby in a hooded towel is just the first step of your post-bath baby routine. Before you bundle your little one off to bed, make sure that sensitive skin is completely dry by gently patting any areas that might trap moisture with the towel. Concentrate on folds of skin and creases where your child's limbs meet the body. You can also apply baby lotion, skin cream or baby oil to any spots with dry, flaky skin, or spread on a diaper rash treatment across sensitive areas before putting your child in a clean new diaper for the night.




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