Breastfeeding Supplies


Newborn Breastfeeding Supplies for Nursing Moms

Feeding is a great bonding time for mom and baby, whether you choose nursing or formula feeding. If you have decided on breastfeeding your newborn baby, the next step is to make sure you've got everything you need to make the process easier, more comfortable, and as enjoyable as possible for the both of you. Walmart Canada carries all of the supplies that a mom could want for as long as you continue to breastfeed.

Nursing Bras

Several pairs of proper nursing bras are a must-have for both comfort and convenience. Nursing bras allow you to feed your baby at a moment's notice, thanks to clasps on each cup that easily open and close. They also provide the added support and comfort that can help alleviate the soreness that occurs while you are nursing, when your breasts are a different size and shape than pre-pregnancy.

Note that your bras size will change during pregnancy and nursing, so make sure you are buying nursing bras that fit properly.

Nursing Pads and Pillows

Every new mom wants to have nursing pads and pillows on-hand when breastfeeding.

Nursing pads will help you go about your day in comfort and with confidence once your milk starts coming in, absorbing any small leaks that naturally occur. You simply place them inside your nursing bra and, depending on the type of pads you use, wash or dispose of them afterwards.

Nursing pillows work to increase your comfort while breastfeeding by propping your baby up to the right height so that your arms don't get fatigued. The ergonomic positioning also helps to alleviate pressure on your back. Nursing pillows come in a variety of unique shapes, styles, and sizes.


Breast pumps have many important uses, from helping moms who regularly have an oversupply of milk to storing breast milk for a later bottle feeding. Extracting your milk can be done using an electric or a manual pump. Electric pumps are more efficient and great for home use, while manual pumps are great for on-the-go use as they do not require a power source. 

If you need to get some breast pumping done while out of the house, we carry smaller, more discreet options that are less conspicuous. Or, if speed and maximum volume are all you require, there are larger, double pumps that get the job done quickly. 

Milk Storage

If you use a breast pump, then you are going to need the right milk storage solutions. Milk is typically stored in either bags or bottles. The storage method you choose is completely up to you. Bags generally allow you to include more milk while taking up less space, while bottles are easier to pump into. Many breastfeeding moms choose to use both, pumping into a bottle and then transferring the milk to a bag for storage.

Stopping Breastfeeding? We've Got You Covered There, Too

The right supplies can also help make the process easier when it comes time to wean your baby. If you are transitioning to bottle feeding, then take a look at Walmart Canada's selection of formula. Or, if you're starting to introduce your baby to solid foods, then don't hesitate to check out our selection of toddler feeding supplies.

Thanks to our everyday low prices, you can take confidence in getting anything you need for a smooth transition into home life with your new baby.




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