Baby Safety: Products for Peace of Mind

Baby safety is a concern for all new (and experienced) parents, and having the right products on hands to meet needs or assuage fears can make every day more enjoyable for families. Baby health products range from over-the-counter pharmacy items to clever baby proofing gadgets. Whether you need to keep baby out of the bathroom cabinet or want to make sure your little one doesn't have a fever, shop for the products you need to keep your child safe.

Baby Safety Essentials

Baby safety starts in the nursery. Equip your child's room with baby monitors that can let you hear or see what they're doing during the day or at night. Video monitors may let you take a quick peek at a sleeping infant without opening the door, and you can splurge for a two-way model that lets you sing to baby over the speaker to soothe him back to sleep at night.

When your tot is ready to move out of the crib and into a toddler or twin bed, toddler bed rails are a must-have. They should keep her in the right place overnight and let you sleep soundly knowing accidental falls have been mitigated.

Once your infant is ready to start exploring the rest of the home, baby safety becomes a concern in every room. Baby gates may let you keep your tot in the right spaces, and you can opt for options with an inner swinging door to make mobility easier for the rest of the family. Within the rooms deemed baby-appropriate, head off any smaller safety concerns with baby proofing products such as door and cabinet locks. Outside of the home, keep your roaming toddler close and out of danger with a harness. While child proofing may be an option in your own backyard, it isn't always a consideration in public spaces.

Baby Health Essentials

When your child isn't feeling well, she's less likely to attack your home with an adventurous spirit. But while your constant vigilance for baby safety might get a break during this time, you might be worried instead about baby health.

Consider assigning a cabinet, drawer or basket in your home for the health products required for your child. When he or she falls ill, you can find what you need in seconds, so the search won't add to the stress of the moment. Essential products include a baby thermometer that lets you get a fast, accurate reading to ensure your child isn't running a fever. You can purchase thermometers that capture temperature on the forehead or in the ear that may make readings easier when you have squirmy little one, or opt for traditional oral or rectal baby thermometers.

Other critical health products include baby medication and ways to deliver liquids, including medicine dispensing pacifiers, syringes and spoons. And don't forget to keep a few bandages on hand to cover little cuts with once you've kissed them to make them better.

Whatever you need to convert your home to a safe haven for baby, has you covered.




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