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Think of your home as uncharted territory and your baby the fearless explorer who pays no heed to danger. Baby proofing your home will help keep your baby (and your home!) safe through the early inquisitive years.

Installing baby gates at the top and bottom of staircases will protect your baby from taking a bad tumble. Baby Monitors will alert you to any distress in your baby’s room. The audio-only version picks up sounds from a microphone and relays them to a receiver. Baby monitors are also available with video, which allows you to investigate any baby sounds without running down the hall to the nursery. 

To protect your little one as they sleep at night, toddler bed rails can help prevent children from rolling out of bed at night and potentially hurting themselves. 

When it comes to keeping your child safe outside of the home, harnesses & leashes provide an extra layer of comfort that allows your little one the freedom to explore while remaining attached to their parent.

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