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Baby Gates to Keep Your Curious Infant or Toddler Safe

When it comes to baby-proofing the house, one or more baby gates should be at the top of your list for restricting access to unsafe areas. While playpens are wonderful for keeping small infants safe when they play or nap, a baby gate can contain a crawling or walking infant to a specific area of the house, along with their play gym and all of their toys. Walmart Canada carries a quality selection of these handy baby gates that are easy to install wherever you need them.

Where to Use Baby Gates Around the House

The most common spot for a baby gate is at the top of a staircase. Many parents also place one at the bottom of the stairs for extra security — you can never be too careful! Generally, any area that may be dangerous for your infant to access while unattended, such as to the entrance to a kitchen or room with a fireplace, can benefit from being closed off by a secure baby gate. And they don't have to be restricted to indoor use. You can also use one to temporarily enclose a front porch if you want to give your baby some time outdoors in the sun and fresh air. Before you make your final purchase, however, you should measure the distance that you need the gate to cover. Baby gates are typically made to fit on a standard doorway, but wider and expandable designs can easily cover larger openings as well.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Baby Gate

There are two main types of these gates: hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted. Pressure-mounted gates are generally quicker and easier to install, plus they can be removed when no longer needed to enclose an area. Hardware-mounted gates offer a more permanent solution, as they are attached directly to the wall. To maintain convenient access to an area that you've decided to close off to an infant, consider an innovative retractable baby gate. These gates retract out of the way when they aren't needed or when you are just passing through, saving you from having to remove the gate entirely. A swinging gate is another good option for convenience and ease-of-access. Finally, while safety is the number one priority when deciding on a baby gate, you should consider their look and style as well. Today's safety gates are designed to complement modern home decor and blend in with your other furniture, so go ahead and choose one that matches the look and style of your home.

Shop Walmart Canada for All Your Baby Proofing Needs

Both in-store and online, we carry everything that new parents may need for baby proofing their home. Our baby gates come with a variety of must-have features in a variety of styles and designs to complement your home's overall look. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is ready for a curious infant to explore. We also carry baby monitors to keep an eye on your infant while they are sleeping and child leashes to keep them close when in a busy and crowded area. Whatever you need to keep your child safe, you can trust that you'll find it at great, everyday great prices at Walmart Canada.




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