Baby Monitors: Video & Wi-Fi Monitors


Listen Closely with a Baby Monitor

From the moment you find out you’re expecting, you want to know that your baby is safe, healthy and happy. Some days it may seem like all you do is worry about your infant's safety. A baby monitor may help relieve some of your stress. Modern monitors often have video and audio, so you can see and hear what your child is doing as you tidy the house or get some rest. You can also monitor more than just your baby’s sleep; Walmart Canada has products that help you track your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy and after the birth.

Before Birth

Modern technology allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and kicks while still in the womb. This can be particularly reassuring for parents who are experiencing a difficult pregnancy. Some units come with headphones, letting you sit back and relax while listening to your baby move. Others have a recording device, so you can send the sounds to grandparents who live in another city, or daddy if he has to go on a business trip. The whole family can bond with the new life you’re carrying. The comforting sound of your baby’s heart can help minimize stress, leading to a healthy pregnancy and a happy family.  

Traditional Baby Monitors

Traditional baby monitors pick up the sound of your baby in the receiver and send it to a transmitter that you can carry, letting you hear when your child wakes at night. Sometimes babies just talk to themselves before going back to sleep, and other times they need you to go to them. A baby monitor allows you to assess this without getting out of bed.

Baby monitors can also help you hear your baby when you’re out of normal hearing range. This means you can do some gardening while your infant is down for a nap, secure in the knowledge that you’ll hear when they wake. Some brands now have an enhanced range of up to 1,500 feet, so you’ll never be somewhere you can’t hear your child. New receivers are often hands-free, so you can clip them to a shirt or pants as you move around the house.

Video Baby Monitors

A video baby monitor is often a top baby registry item for parents because it allows them to see and hear what their baby is doing. It gives parents the opportunity to watch their baby sleep without worrying about waking them, and a quick peek can reassure parents that little chests are continuing to rise with each breath. An additional camera lets you monitor more than one child on the same system or set up a transmitter in other places your infant spends a lot of time.

New video monitors can often connect to your smart device so the parent who has to go to work can check in with the baby during the day – and show them off to friends at work. Apps can be available to many people, so baby’s grandparents, aunts and uncles can look in on the new addition and watch as they grow.

Health Monitors

You can buy monitors to check your baby’s health. Thermometers are the most common. You can easily assess your baby’s temperature when they’re sick, so you can give accurate information to doctors or nurses when you reach out for medical advice. A digital scale allows you to monitor your baby’s weight and record important milestones. Scales may also connect to a smart device so you have a record handy for doctor’s appointments.

Many parents also like the peace of mind that comes from a movement monitor. Movement is a normal part of all babies’ sleep, and a movement monitor detects if your child stops moving for more than 20 seconds. Modern devices attach to your child’s clothes or diaper, removing the need to attach anything to a mattress. Some devices also give off a soft vibration to prompt your baby to move before alerting you to their stillness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time parent or you already have kids running around the house; you want to be reassured that your baby is safe and healthy. Walmart Canada’s range of baby monitors gives you the tools to know how your baby is doing as they start their journey in the world.




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