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Baby Proofing Your Home to Keep Toddling Tots Safe

Baby proofing can help keep curious kids safe once they're mobile. With every milestone, your child encounters new possible safety hazards, but with a little care, you can keep many potential dangers out of reach. While nothing replaces parental vigilance, child locks, baby gates and other child-proofing accessories from Walmart Canada can help secure some of the most common dangerous areas in your home before your little one starts to crawl or toddle.

When to Baby Proof Your Home

Babies typically start to crawl between 6 and 10 months of age, and they start to pull themselves up to a standing position and toddle around shortly after that. Start your baby-proofing efforts a few months before your child is mobile, or even before your child is born, to ensure you have everything covered, locked and secured before your child is old enough to encounter any dangers.

Baby Proofing for a New Crawler

Crawling babies can cruise into trouble when access to previously off-limits areas becomes possible. Because every home is different, it's a good idea to get down and crawl around to seek out any potential hazards. Sometimes small dangers aren't apparent from a parent-eye view but become obvious once you're down at your child's level. Here are some of the ways you should baby-proof before your child becomes mobile:

  • Install outlet covers on all electrical outlets in your home and secure low cabinets and drawers with child safety locks. Move furniture in front of outlets that are currently in use to prevent a curious baby from pulling the cord out.
  • Child locks on low-lying cabinets can help prevent small fingers from getting crushed or caught, but don't necessarily rely on them to completely prevent access to dangerous household chemicals. Move any household cleaners or chemicals from low cabinets to higher shelves out of your child's reach just in case your crawling baby manages to get into a drawer or cabinet despite the locks.
  • Baby gates are a must-have item once your little one becomes mobile. Use them to limit access to stairs or to keep your child contained in a specific area of the home.

Child-Proof Your House Against Toddler Curiosity

Once your baby starts pulling up onto furniture and taking those first tentative steps, a new set of dangers opens up. Keep your toddling tot safe with baby proofing accessories that fend off dangers a little higher than floor level. Here are some of the things you need to kid proof before your child steps up into the world of walking:

  • Even tiny tots can accidentally topple over a nursery dresser with a tug or cruise into the edge of a coffee table while trying to navigate the room. Use furniture straps to secure televisions , furniture and major appliances against the walls to prevent tipping.
  • Slip knob covers over doorknobs to keep them from turning, so kids can't grip and twist their way into an off-access room or accidentally turn a stable supportive door into a swinging safety hazard.
  • Cover the edges of low tables with foam corner protectors to create safe, soft bumpers for a cruising kid. Outfit your child's room with kids furniture that has soft edges and rounded corners for a kid-friendly environment that lasts into the preschool and grade school years.
  • Window blind cords can wrap around an unsuspecting toddler's neck, so replace your window coverings with cordless blinds before your child is old enough to reach the cords.

Keep in mind that even the most vigilant baby-proofing doesn't take the place of parental supervision. The goal of child-proofing a home is to minimize the dangers, but keeping an eye on your child is essential.




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